The Chamber & CREDC strives to keep members informed on relevant policy issues. We proactively take action to influence public policy for business growth at local, state and federal levels.

The Harrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC represents the interests of 900 businesses employing 130,000 people across Cumberland, Dauphin and Perry counties. We determine our legislative priorities through input and feedback from the Harrisburg Regional Chamber membership.

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Legislative Priorities

Support and advance collaborative initiatives and relationships with community partners to connect education and business to promote lifelong learning. Also provide leadership in exploring and supporting initiatives to enhance the quality of programs, curriculum, assessment, etc. in order to promote success in schools and to address the skills gap.

Advocate for a reduction of regulatory burdens and the streamlining of processes, including permitting, by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection; encourage them to work with local communities and economic development corporations in order to provide impetus to further the reuse of brownfield sites and contribute to a jobs-growing economy. Monitor potential legislation impacting climate change across all energy sectors. Also, advocate for the effective and fair implementation of regulatory changes proposed at state and/or federal level.

Advocate for comprehensive state, municipal, and school district pension reform. Additionally, advance the mission of the Coalition for Sustainable Communities in helping solve fiscal issues in Pennsylvania cities, including but not limited to: (1) pensions; (2) binding arbitration; (3) economic development; (4) easier methods of municipal merger and consolidation; and (5) revenue enhancement options following the reform of state mandates and restrictions.

Evaluate and act where appropriate on proposals for regulatory reform at the local, state and federal levels.

Continue to assess, monitor and comment on the implementation of state and federal healthcare policy to help ensure employers’ costs are controlled and employees receive a high level of quality care. Additionally, promote reforms that stabilize the medical malpractice insurance marketplace and foster stability in the medical community.

Advocate that businesses be relieved of outdated and unfair regulations that address abuses and provide for an impartial work environment for both employees and employers. This includes reasonable reform of Pennsylvania’s prevailing wage law, unemployment compensation system, and Pennsylvania’s image from a workforce perspective.

Monitor local and county government issues impacting the business community and Harrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC members.

Support and promote comprehensive tax reforms that stimulate economic development and ultimately increase Pennsylvania’s competitive advantage both domestically and abroad as well as improve efficiency for local governments. Specifically advocate for the elimination of the cap on Net Operating Losses and the lowering of the Corporate Net Income Tax rate. Evaluate and act where appropriate on expected proposals regarding property tax reform.

Monitor, promote, and advocate for a modernized, multi-modal transportation and infrastructure system that provides for the safe and efficient mobility of products, services, and people in order to grow the economy, increase regional and Pennsylvania competitiveness, and create jobs.

Monitor, promote, and advocate legislative and regulatory initiatives for modernized utility infrastructure systems to provide for the safe and efficient utilization of electricity, gas, sewer, water, and telecommunications, as these utilities are critical for business growth in the region.

Support and promote efforts to improve the Commonwealth’s civil justice system and tort climate by elevating awareness of key liability challenges and advocating for legal reform in the General Assembly and the Courts to enhance economic and social opportunities and the state and region’s economic competitiveness.

Monitor federal policy regarding comprehensive immigration reform. Monitor workforce development issues pertaining to immigration where applicable.

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