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Welcome to Harrisburg, 

The Harrisburg region is located in Central Pennsylvania and comprised of Cumberland, Dauphin, and Perry counties. Harrisburg is the capital of Pennsylvania and is well known for its central location in the Mid-Atlantic region, stable economy, exceptional quality of life, and low cost of living. 


1,945,171 People

The 2016 population of the South Central PA Harrisburg region was 1,945,171 people.

39.5 Years old

The average age of people in the Harrisburg region is 39.5 years old.


1,024,100 Workers

The South Central PA Harrisburg region has a workforce of 1,024,100 people.

3.5% Unemployment

The Harrisburg region has a competitive unemployment rate of 3.5%.


22 Colleges & Universities

There are 22 illustrious colleges and universities in the Harrisburg region.

31,115 Students

The Harrisburg region has 31,115 currently enrolled students.


4 Major Interstates

The Harrisburg region has a robust infrastructure network.

1.5 Million Annual Passengers

The Harrisburg region's local Amtrak train line attracts 1.5 million annual passengers.

International Airport

Harrisburg International Airport serves 1.2 million passengers annually.

1.3 Million Commuters

Around 1.3 million commuters live and work in the Harrisburg region, using carpool, public transit and other rideshare programs.

quality of life

Low Cost of Living

Cost of living in the Harrisburg region is 5% below the national average.

Urban, Suburban, and Rural Housing Opportunities

The Harrisburg region is full of different housing opportunities to suit your preferences.

average Commute time

The Harrisburg region has an average commute time of 22.6 minutes.


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