Regional Tech Hub Grant Application Update: Commitment to Innovation Continues

CREDC, in collaboration with valued partners, updates you on the status of the regional Federal Tech Hub grant application. Regrettably, the application was not successful, but our commitment to advancing innovation and economic growth remains unwavering.

The Tech Hub program, under the CHIPS and Science Act, seeks to foster high-tech employment opportunities nationwide, driving innovation, research, manufacturing, and entrepreneurship in communities.

The grant introduced the Keystone Healthcare Resilience Consortium (KHRC) to position the region as a Tech Hub at the intersection of advanced communication and medical technologies, addressing healthcare disparities. While not funded, this collaborative effort aligns with the success of the South-Central PA Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), recognized by the EDA earlier this year.

We thank partners and supporters for their commitment. Our collective dedication to innovation and regional economic development endures, shaping a future marked by progress and prosperity. Thank you for your continued support.

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