November Chamber Board Member Spotlight

The work of the Harrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC would not be possible without the support of our Board Members and Investors. Get to know one of our Chamber Board Members each month in our “Chamber Board Monthly Spotlight” series.

This month, get to know Emelia Makor, Co-Owner, CEO and President of Reves Etheres Events, LLC, a black-owned event management company. Emelia, affectionately called Emikah by her very close friends and family, also is founder of African Diaspora initiative Inc., a non-for-profit organization born out of the need to create an inclusive environment and networking platform for Africans in the diaspora to connect to one another and to the community.

What would you like people to know about your business?

Reves Etheres Events is an events management company that works with a select number of clients each year to create unique experiences and help them achieve their vision for their dream event, be it corporate, private or government. The non-profit African Diaspora Initiative was birthed because of the challenges we faced in running our business as black immigrants in the Central Pennsylvania region. We envision a future where African immigrants are recognized and valued for their contributions to society and are actively engaged in shaping the policies and decisions that impact their lives. We strive to build a vibrant and supportive community where Africans in the Diaspora can connect, network and collaborate to achieve their goals.  

What do you like most about being a Chamber member?

Being a Chamber member has been more than beneficial as it has fueled my passion for connectivity, networking, inclusivity and equity. Through the Chamber and my membership, many Africans in the region have become connected to the Chamber, thus opening opportunities and doors that would otherwise not have been. I always encourage membership to the Chamber, to African entrepreneurs especially in the area.

Why did you become a Chamber board member?

There are many reasons. One is to bring awareness to the Midstate area, the burgeoning growth in African-owned businesses and a need to represent those types of businesses on that level. I also wanted to introduce to African entrepreneurs by way of example that networking with other businesses in the region can improve productivity and growth in their businesses. Another reason I joined is to create more diversity at the board level. Diverse boards are more productive, achieve more and reach further than boards that are not. I hope that the diversity and inclusivity of the Chamber will continue and that one day we will see more black-owned businesses have a seat on the board as well.

What do you think people should know about the Chamber?

I wish more businesses would become members of the Chamber. I wish people knew how impactful the Chamber is in the region and the leadership role it plays in the region for the business sector. The Chamber not only participates in all things business, but we’re also involved in so many other aspects of the community. It is great to be part of this Chamber.

Any other information you would like people to know?

I would love people to know that I am married to the most amazing man in the world, Mr. Steven Makor, and we also have the most amazing kids in the world Nathan, Cristian and Asher Makor! They are our world, and our lives revolve around our boys.

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