CREDC to Submit Grant Applications for 11 Capital Region Non-Profit Organizations Requesting $7 Million in Funding:

As we approach the Local Share Account Statewide program’s cutoff, CREDC is proud to sponsor 11 applications, showcasing our commitment to regional development. As the eligible applicant for eligible projects, CREDC stands as a valuable option for those seeking LSA funding. CREDC is required to be a grantee when the application is submitted, but there is no limit to the number of applications CREDC can submit.

With the responsibility to present the best applications without favoring one over the other, CREDC works diligently to provide each project with equal attention and support. Our goal is to maximize the chances of success for all applicants.

Given the significant interest this year, it’s anticipated that the program will be oversubscribed, resulting in a limited number of awards. CREDC remains dedicated to assisting applicants in navigating the process and positioning their projects for success.

We appreciate the collaboration with our diverse group of applicants and look forward to contributing to the growth and development of our community through the LSA program.

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Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region