CEDS Taskforces Unveiled: Collaborating for a Thriving Capital Region and Beyond

We are delighted to share a significant development in our ongoing commitment to advancing economic development and improving the overall quality of life for the Capital Region and our neighbors throughout South Central Pennsylvania.  The Capital Region Economic Development Corporation (CREDC) is proud to announce the launch of the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Taskforces, a collaborative effort with our esteemed fellow Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) and Resource Partners through the Commonwealth’s Partnerships for Economic Performance (PREP) Program. 

Our Collective Mission:  Together, with the support and collaboration of our fellow EDOs and Resource Partners, we are dedicated to making progress in 4 main objective categories as identified by the region’s CEDS.  These objectives focus on challenges that impact economic, educational, and social progress across the diverse communities from Chambersburg to Reading.  Our commitment is to leverage the strengths of our region, fostering a comprehensive transformation in physical, digital, economic and social spheres to create vibrant and thriving communities. 

Taskforces at Work: The heart of this initiative lies in our dedicated taskforces, each including inclusive engagement for equitable  economic strategies, within the following key areas:

  1. Economic Improvement:  Crafting strategies to boost economic growth, support local businesses, and attract new opportunities to the South Central Pennsylvania Region. 
  2. Workforce Improvement: Developing initiatives to enhance workforce skills, training and aligning them with the evolving demands of our dynamic economy. 
  3. Infrastructure Improvement:  Working with the region’s experts to modernize and enhance our infrastructure, ensuring it aligns with the needs of a growing and forward-looking community.
  4. Quality of Life Improvements:  Identifying and implementing actionable, short-term steps that bring about positive changes and elevate the overall quality of life in South Central Pennsylvania.

Involvement Matters:  Each task force may call on subject experts, businesses within related industries, and community groups through the region to assist in this transformative journey.  We will seek your ideas, as we shape the success of these initiatives.  Together we can collaboratively work towards a future that benefits all. 

Next Steps:  Stay tuned for updates on each taskforce meeting, workshops and events as we strive for deeper insights into each area of opportunity for progress.

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