Local Share Account (LSA) Application Details Announced

The statewide Local Share Account (LSA) Program application window is now open from September 1, 2023, through November 30, 2023, for grants up to $1 million. Please note, there is no local match required, which means up to 100% funding of projects $1 million or less is a possibility of the program. 

Eligible Applicants:  Non-profit organizations are not eligible directly as an applicant and grantee, but Economic Development Agencies can function in that role on their behalf. Contact the Capital Region Economic Development Corporation (CREDC) to explore your options.  CREDC is the Certified Economic Development Organization for the 3-county Harrisburg Region including Cumberland, Dauphin, and Perry. 

Eligible Projects:  Projects in the Public Interest defined as those projects which improve the quality of life in the community.  Project locations must be owned by an eligible entity or by a nonprofit organization.

Eligible Use of Funds:

  • Acquisition, Construction, & Demolition;
  • Infrastructure;
  • Purchase of vehicles, machinery and/or equipment;
  • Planning, consulting and design costs related to planning projects; and
  • Engineering, design and inspection, to include permitting fees, for construction projects not to exceed 10% of the total grant award. 

Interested non-profits can work with CREDC to make an application for funding.  The CREDC team has developed detailed guidelines aimed at supporting project managers throughout the application process, offering valuable information and expert guidance.

For any inquiries or clarifications, please contact Ryan Ulrich at CREDC via email at rulrich@hbgrc.org or by calling our office at (717)-213-5036.

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