In Partnership with The Food Trust: Expanding Access to Fresh Food in Pennsylvania

The Capital Region Economic Development Corporation (CREDC) is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with The Food Trust as we work together to address a critical issue facing our communities: access to fresh, healthy food. CREDC is proud to join hands with The Food Trust to identify and support local minority-owned grocery stores, corner stores, and convenience stores to participate in the Pennsylvania Fresh Food Financing Initiative (FFFI).

The Pennsylvania Fresh Food Financing Initiative (FFFI) is a pioneering statewide public-private financing program that aims to make a positive impact on communities across the Commonwealth. Its primary objective is to invest in new or expanding grocery stores and other healthy food retail outlets, with a particular focus on under-resourced areas. The FFFI provides one-time grants and loans to food retailers, thus increasing access to healthy, affordable grocery food options and enhancing economic opportunities for marginalized communities. High impact projects can qualify for up to $150,000 in grant funding.

Why the FFFI Matters:

  1. Healthier Communities: The FFFI strives to combat food deserts, which are areas where residents lack access to fresh, nutritious foods. By supporting local food retailers, we are taking a step toward building healthier, more vibrant communities.
  2. Economic Growth: This initiative also contributes to economic growth by stimulating local businesses, creating job opportunities, and fostering entrepreneurship in neighborhoods that need it most.
  3. Minority-Owned Businesses: FFFI places a special emphasis on identifying and supporting minority-owned grocery stores and retail outlets. We believe that diversity and inclusivity are key to the success of this program.

How CREDC and The Food Trust Are Collaborating:

Our collaboration with The Food Trust allows us to leverage their expertise and experience in working towards food equity and access. Together, we will identify eligible businesses in Dauphin County and surrounding areas and assist them in applying for FFFI grants and loans.

Get Involved:

  • Are you a local food retailer interested in participating in the FFFI program? Please reach out to us or The Food Trust, and we will guide you through the application process.
  • Community members and stakeholders: Your support is invaluable. Stay engaged with us as we work to expand access to fresh, healthy foods in our region. Your input and ideas are welcome.

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