Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Public Comment Now Open

The South Central Pennsylvania Partnership for Economic Performance (PREP) is a regional partnership designated by the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development. Statewide, the PREP Program is designed to encourage regional coordination of economic development efforts and superior customer service to the business community as part of a comprehensive, statewide economic development delivery strategy. The South Central PREP region collaborated with Thomas P. Miller & Associates to assist in the creation of the CEDS.
“On behalf of South-Central PA’s Partnership for Regional Economic Performance (PREP), I want to extend my appreciation to our team at Thomas P. Miller & Associates,” said Melissa Stone, CREDC Vice President, Economic Development. “Kaycee, Lindsay, Brett, Veronica and all others have been great advisors to our group, providing valuable insight and a professional product.  Through this process, I feel all the partners have found a stride working together with a focus on supporting each other and our entire region.  I want to also recognize the support of the Commonwealth’s Department of Community and Economic Development, which through Regional Initiative grant awards within the PREP program helped us secure the assistance of Thomas P. Miller Associates as consultants for this project.”
A Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is a unified, regionally focused action plan that provides a framework for an area’s economic growth and community development.
The Capital Region Economic Development Corporation (CREDC) is requesting your participation in the public comment survey of CEDS.  Public Comment will be open until March 17, 2023.


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