WebpageFX Announces Rebrand To WebFX

WebpageFX, a full-service digital marketing agency, announced today it’s rebranding to WebFX. The rebrand reflects the company’s transition into the world’s leading performance-driven digital marketing agency for mid-sized businesses.

“When we began in 1996, websites were literally one page, which made WebpageFX a fitting name for the company. We also focused heavily on web design and web development at the time. Fast-forward to today, our variety of service offerings have grown substantially, as has our number of team members. Our transition to WebFX reflects the company’s focus on driving meaningful results for businesses using digital marketing,” said Bill Craig, President and co-founder of WebFX.

The company, which started in Craig’s dorm room at Shippensburg University, is headquartered on Front St. in Harrisburg, Pa.  It features a team of more than 200 digital marketing, social media and web design experts that partner with over 800 companies from across the globe.

“Our transition to WebFX reflects our commitment to becoming one percent better every day in all we do, from providing our clients with personalized solutions that deliver real results to giving our team a work environment that’s more than just a place to work,” said Karie Shearer, CEO and co-founder of WebFX.

Through its inbound marketing strategies and proprietary tools, like MarketingCloudFX, the company’s driven more three million leads for its clients. The rebranding and new name, WebFX, is effective immediately.

About WebFX

WebFX provides Digital Marketing That Drives Results™ to businesses across the U.S. Since its start in 1996, the company’s generated more than $1 billion in revenue for its clients. It’s also won more than 50 awards for its web design, leadership, workplace culture and SEO efforts, including Best Place to Work in PA. For more information about WebFX, visit webfx.com or call 888-601-5359.