Universal Media-Analytics Partners with Deeter Gallaher Group to Launch New Podcast Series Titled GRIT & GRAVITAS

Universal Media-Analytics Inc., a media strategy, research, and buying industry leader headquartered in Mechanicsburg, PA, has partnered with the Deeter Gallaher Group LLC, a public relations, marketing, and digital media firm headquartered in Camp Hill, PA, to launch their podcast Grit & Gravitas: Savvy. Spirited. Stories of Success.

Anne Carnathan, President & CEO of Universal Media-Analytics, and Anne Deeter Gallaher, founder & CEO of Deeter Gallaher Group, debuted their podcast to listeners on February 16, 2021. They just released episode 10: “Roll Up Your Sleeves” featuring Jessica Meyers, CEO of JEM Group, a woman-owned construction services firm. Each episode of Grit & Gravitas delivers authentic, straight talk with industry leaders who have forged inspiring paths to business victory. Listeners are served two important takeaways: actionable advice to implement into your day-to-day journey and wisdom to help you thrive in business and life.

“We’re building an essential content library of 30-minute business vitamins for women business owners and entrepreneurs,” says Deeter Gallaher. “The pandemic revealed the immense need for businesses to reimagine their relevance, to find fresh solutions to problems that had never existed, and to find renewed purpose in our work and life. Grit & Gravitas is about perseverance and presence—and we believe you need both these qualities to excel in business and life.”

“Stories of wins, failures, potential, on-ramping, off-ramping, entrepreneurship, growth, resilience, adventure, aspiration, wit, and wisdom fill our episodes,” says Carnathan. “Statistically, most podcasts dwindle into ‘podfade’ by their seventh episode, so we’re celebrating a milestone with episode 10 and the promise of inspiring, incredible stories to come.”

Featuring topics like “Never Give Up,” “Setbacks & Comebacks,” “Fear Is Opportunity,” “Finding Your Balance,” and “How to Say No,” Deeter Gallaher and Carnathan welcome special guests including Pennsylvania radio personality Nancy Ryan, Amy Beamer Murray, COO of Pavone Marketing Group, and Kristal Turner-Childs, Acting Deputy Commissioner of Staff of the Pennsylvania State Police, and owner of FEMpowered LLC.

“Grit & Gravitas hits on so many things that made me think,” says Lauren Turnbull, Managing Director of Market Development of Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company. “Unlike some podcasts I listen to, I have to give this my full attention otherwise I miss something. To me that’s a sign of great content—thanks for creating and sharing with the world.”

“If you are searching for a podcast with real women who are meeting challenges head-on in the workplace and in life, this is it. Relatable and useful info that just makes good sense,” says Lisa DeCavalcante, Owner of Little Black Dress.

“If one person discovers the inspiration and energy she needs to find her tribe and lift others up to be their best business selves, then we’ve done our job,” says Deeter Gallaher. “We want to give back to those just beginning their business journey, and we want to shorten the learning curves of others who are seeking professional development.”

Listen to Grit & Gravitas on Apple Podcasts or the iHeartRadio app.

Do you know someone who would make a great guest on #GritandGravitas? Email Anne Deeter Gallaher to learn more at ADG@DeetergallaherGroup.com. Stay updated on the podcast excitement on Instagram @GritandGravitasPodcast.

1. More than half of all U.S. consumers above the age of 12 listen to podcasts. (Statista, 2019)
2. Three out of every four podcast listeners in the U.S. say they tune in to learn new things. (Statista, 2019)
3. Podcast advertising revenues are expected to surpass $1 billion in 2021. (eMarketer, 2019)
4. 82.4% of podcast listeners spend more than seven hours a week listening to podcasts. (Discover Pods, 2019)
5. The average weekly podcast listener subscribes to an average of six shows and listens to seven shows per week. (Edison Research, 2019)

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