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The East-West Educational & Cultural Centre  of Harrisburg will present a special international exhibition in the Art Association of Harrisburg galleries at 21 N. Front St. from July 31 through September 3, with AAH Board Chair David Volkman as the show’s sponsor. The reception from 5 to 8 PM on Friday,  July 31, will be hosted by Board Vice Chair Kevin Sheets, DMD.

Varied artwork by five artists will be displayed: Shanye Huang, Etian Huang, K.Weijie Huang, Shuang Liang Huang, and Ying Fei Mollica.

 Dance of Colors _ 5 by Etian Huang

Shanye Huang, born in Guangxi, China, graduated with honors from Guangxi Institute of Art and the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China. In1995, under an outstanding artist status, Shanye Huang was granted a permanent visa to stay in the United Sates. His work has inspired an American musician to compose a grand dance symphony. Later on, based on the symphony and Huang’s major work “The Tapestry of Dreams”, an American ballet was created and then premiered in NYC in 2009. Huang’s art has earned him many national and international awards and has been collected by museums, galleries as well as private collectors. His work has been shown extensively nationally and internationally. His solo exhibitions have been exhibited in Asia, Europe and North America.

Etian Huang has loved drawing since he could hold a pencil. He paints his dreams and “what his brain tells him to.” His works have been shown in local and international art galleries and museums such as Rochester Contemporary Art Center in New York, Arlington Art Gallery in Virginia, The Gallery at National Children’s Hospital in Washington D.C., The Morris Graves Museum of Art in California, Richmond Art Gallery in Canada, China Yan Huang Art Museum in Beijing, etc. More than twenty of his paintings have been in private and public collections. His work “Colorful Waterfalls” won an Award of Excellence in the 2nd Worldwide Chinese Fine Art and Calligraphy Exhibition in Dec. 2014. He was the youngest artist who won the award in the Fine Art Exhibition.

  1. Weijie Huang (b.1930) was born and raised in Guangxi, Southwest of China. Mr. Huang has fulfilled his dream of being an artist after retired from his job as a Machine Designer for 40 years.  He puts his life- long love for birds and sceneries in his landscape paintings. Many of his works have been in private collections in China and the USA. His works have been shown in Orlando Gallery in CA, Montpelier Arts Center in MD and The Gallery at National Children’s Hospital in Washington D.C.

ShuangLiang Huang, graduated from the China Central Academy of Arts & Crafts in Beijing with major in art and design, is a member of the Chinese Artists Association in Guangxi. He enjoys creating still life and abstracts paintings. His works have been exhibited nationally and internationally such as the Guangxi Art Museum, Seaside Art Galleries in North Carolina, and Montpelier Arts Center in Maryland. Many of his works have been in private collections. In addition to painting, ShuangLiang Huang has also published articles about art and design in a few major Chinese newspapers and magazines. Presently he works in the Department of Art and Design in the Guangxi People’s Publishing House in China.

Artist Ying Fei Mollica, was born and raised in HangZhou, China.  She started painting and drawing at a very young age.  The beautiful natural scenery of West Lake in HangZhou nourished Ying’s mind and inspired her to begin painting.  She used to draw and paint with Xiao Chong Peng and Yi Xu, two nationally acclaimed artists in China.

After graduating from Silk Industrial University, a nationally prominent fashion school in China, Ying sketched decorative oil paintings in HangZhou, along with designing and marketing evening gowns.  She’s always had a goal that one day her abstract works would be used in fabric design.

Ying Fei Mollica is a spontaneous painter and she works with most mediums.  Ying’s flexible mind and braveness make her work very versatile.  She focuses on her creative method of layering of colors and loves illustrating scenes of imagery under valiant light.

Ying’s works have been evaluated and accepted by jurors at exhibitions at the Art School of Mechanicsburg in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania- the most recent on was “The Point of View”.   In addition, her paintings have sold at galleries in Atlantic City, New Jersey and HangZhou, China.

Miss Mollica is a spiritual and nature oriented person.  She believes “Soulful artists are the richest and this World needs Art”.

Call the Art Association at 717-236-1432 or visit www.artassocofhbg.com for more information.