Tradesman Building Group Launches Residential Remodeling Division

Harrisburg (February 13, 2019) –Tradesman Building Group, LLC announced today that they will be expanding the Tradesman brand, adding a residential remodeling division, which will replace and enhance the existing “Tradesman Interiors” line of service. Tradesman Interiors focused almost exclusively on finished basements, whereas Tradesman Remodeling will expand the company’s portfolio to include the full spectrum of residential remodeling services.

“We’ve provided these services for our customers for years now through Tradesman Drywall and Tradesman Interiors,’ co-owner Andrew Lewis said. “With the launch of Tradesman Remodeling, we can both expand those services and be a bit more intentional about our advertising and marketing to those customers who need that kitchen, bathroom or basement remodel. We will continue to provide flexible payment options to our customers through EnerBank, just like we’ve done with Tradesman Interiors.”

CEO Ben Lewis had the following to say: “We’re excited to add this new division, which will operate separately from Tradesman Drywall and our third division, Tradesman Construction. As we continue expanding our services as a construction company, we also continue to focus heavily on providing excellent drywall subcontracting services through Tradesman Drywall, our flagship division. Tradesman Drywall provides exceptional, competitively priced services to many builders and remodelers throughout the region and that’s something that will never change, despite these additional services offered directly to our residential customer base.”

Tradesman Building Group LLC, headquartered in Lower Paxton Township, was founded as a one-man operation when Ben Lewis started out in the drywall trade in 2003. Since then, he has consistently grown the company along with his brothers Andrew Lewis, Hunter Lewis and their brother-in-law Nate Hammar, as well as dozens of employees.

Any homeowner seeking information or advice on a potential remodeling project is encouraged to call Tradesman Remodeling for a free quote at 717-614-7080, or reach out via their website at