The Library’s Hari Jones: Hidden Histories Series: The Importance of Narrative Correction with Christy S. Coleman, Executive Director of the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation

Christy S. Coleman, Executive Director of the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, will join the Dauphin County Library System and Dauphin County Commissioners virtually on Zoom on Wednesday, February 17 at 7:00 pm to present “The Importance of Narrative Correction.”

During this Hari Jones: Hidden Histories Series program, Coleman will explore the many myths that are taken as truth in American history, and ask the questions “who has authored America’s history” and “who is missing from the narrative?” She will discuss how uncovering forensic legacies that have been forgotten can help us better understand this nation’s origins, conflicts, successes, and triumphs for the common good.

Coleman says American history often discarded the voices of “anyone who was not rich, white and male” and incorporating those lost voices back into the narrative “tells the story of us.”

“We are far more whole when we really understand these layers because that understanding helps us understand how to navigate our contemporary world,” she adds.

With a career spanning over 30 years, Coleman has served as the Chief Executive Officer of some of the nation’s most prominent museums. She is a tireless advocate for the power of museums, narrative correction, diversity and inclusiveness.

“The Hari Jones: Hidden Histories program series focuses on uncovering histories through primary sources that have been overlooked by our historical narrative in the past and fostering community dialogue and discussion and discernment on these topics,” explains Ashley Famularo, Adult Programming and Outreach Coordinator at The Library.

“The Importance of Narrative Correction” is free and for teens and adults, ages 16 and older. The program will be held virtually through Zoom. Registration is required. Visit or call (717) 234-4961 opt. 6 to sign up and receive your Zoom invite.

The “Hari Jones: Hidden Histories” collection and program series is a partnership between The Library and the Dauphin County Commissioners. It is a carefully curated, permanent collection and program series that celebrates the life and work of visionary historian, Hari Jones. Both the program series and collection have been designed to foster ongoing community dialogue, discussion and discernment.