Susquehanna Township Announces New Marketing Brand as it Looks Ahead to a Future of Growth and Economic Development

Located in Dauphin County, Susquehanna Township offers a variety of opportunities to live, learn, work and play. The Township is continually working to create a sustainable environment that balances economic growth with the need to advance and maintain a business-friendly environment while planning for future developments and leveraging the region’s best assets.

The Township enlisted the branding expertise of Gavin™, a regionally based communications firm specializing in branding, public relations and digital marketing in the government, tourism and economic development industries.

As the Township continues to grow and welcome residents, partners and businesses, it will implement a new marketing brand to promote its vision for the future. The location and the community make Susquehanna Township a great place to live and an even greater place to do business.

“Susquehanna Township has a lot to offer and as we plan for the future to ensure that we appropriately respond to community growth and the changing economy, we need to share our vision for the future. Part of how we deliver a consistent message is to establish our visual branding, which this new marketing brand will be a key resource in doing,” stated David W. Kratzer, Jr., Township Manager.

“Our team was thrilled to work with Susquehanna Township to develop this new mark and set of visual assets to brand their economic vision and mission for the future. Through collective collaboration, we gathered insights and input from the community to ensure we brought together creativity that would tell the story of the Township’s most valuable assets combined with a vision for the future,” commented Mandy Arnold, president and CEO of Gavin.

This new brand will increase awareness of the Susquehanna Township as a place to expand or relocate businesses— running along two major transportation routes like Interstate 81, having close proximity to Harrisburg and sitting just a few hours drive or train trip from server major cities including Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and Washington D.C.


About Susquehanna Township

Bordering the Blue Mountains to the north and the Susquehanna River to the west, Susquehanna Township is a diverse community with established businesses. Located in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, the township ensures that the community’s health and safety needs are adequately addressed.

About Gavin™

Gavin™ is a digitally-minded public relations and marketing agency devoted to truth in branding and driving action. Headquartered in downtown York, PA with offices in Harrisburg, PA, Gavin serves local, regional, national and international clients in b2b and b2c industries with expertise in CPG, education, health care and manufacturing/building supply. Gavin’s client roster includes Penn Waste, York County History Center, KT Tape, Martin’s Potato Rolls and Kunzler Meats.