Supreme Court Extends Workplace Protections to LGBTQ+ employees

In a landmark decision issued yesterday, the United States Supreme Court ruled that federal civil-rights law prohibits employers from discriminating against workers on the basis of the sexual orientation or gender identity. This officially extends federal workplace protections to LGBTQ+ employees nationwide. The Chamber & CREDC congratulates those who have worked for decades on ending discrimination.

“The Harrisburg Regional Chamber has been supportive of legislation in Pennsylvania and at the Federal level for many years, and this landmark decision by the U.S. Supreme Court is a major step for people in our region and nationwide,” stated David Black, President & CEO. He added, “We congratulate those who have worked toward this ruling and continue to work toward equality in our country.”

The Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision cited the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which outlaws workplace discrimination on the basis of sex, should be read to cover sexual orientation as well. “An employer who fires an individual merely for being gay or transgender defies the law,” the opinion said.

The court’s last major LGBTQ+ ruling was in 2015 when they ruled in favor of same-sex marriage.