Smith Land & Improvement Corporation Acquires Camp Hill Borough Properties on Market Street Corridor

Posted On On: January 2, 2018 Categories Filed Under: Member News

Camp Hill, PA (December 15, 2017) Richard E. Jordan II, CEO/COB, announced today that Smith Land & Improvement Corporation has purchased commercial properties at 1801, 1845, 1847, and 1849 Market Street, in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, the business sites of Little Black Dress, Body Logic, Underneath It All, One Good Woman, Mitrani, Just Plain Yoga Studio, and the former Nino’s Bistro.

“For over fifty years, we’ve developed and redeveloped properties with the principles of ‘Commitment to Community. Opportunities for Enterprise’ as our guiding mission. We’re proud of our reputation for investing in the communities we serve. When we say we don’t outsource our eyes, this is the perfect illustration—this block is directly across the street from our corporate headquarters at 1810 Market Street,” says Jordan II.

In 2015, Camp Hill Borough Council commissioned Urban Land Institute, an international organization of land use and real estate experts, to engage in a Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) focusing on Market Street and to address the Council’s goal to “develop and promote vibrant business corridors.” One observation was the need to revitalize several commercial properties along Market Street, and this acquisition and proposed redevelopment is in service to that goal.

“We look forward to adding to the character and commercial vitality of Market Street and to expand on the thriving entrepreneurial spirit that already exists,” says Richard E. Jordan III, COO, a borough resident. “Our desire is to retain all the existing retail and office clients and reach out to new tenants that would benefit from Camp Hill’s walkable community. Camp Hill Borough is #10 in the Top 10 for Best Places to Start a Business in Pennsylvania, and we want to provide more options for small business owners to start, grow, and scale a business here.”

Smith Land & Improvement Corporation is also the owner of several commercial properties including the West Shore Plaza, one of the destination centers that bookends Market Street. “We have a track record of responsive and responsible development and a tenant mix that serves shoppers and business partners very well,” says Jordan II. “We’re excited to add additional value to Market Street.”


Founded in 1961, the company has a 56-year history of responsible and responsive commercial real estate development and land ownership. With a portfolio of nearly 50 properties and over

1 million SF throughout the Mid-Atlantic, the Smith Land team has chosen to concentrate 80 percent of its real estate investments in their own “front yard” of central Pennsylvania. “We do not outsource our eyes,” says Richard E. Jordan II, CEO. When Smith Land & Improvement Corporation is the developer, business builders and investors can expect a productive working relationship, high-caliber site selection, and easy access to business expansion.