Six Reasons You Should Attend Rebels, Renegades & Pioneers

Thinking about attending the 2018 Rebels Renegades & Pioneers leadership conference but haven’t made up your mind? Let us convince you why this event will be a valuable opportunity for you to grow and develop as a professional.

1. Learn valuable leadership skills

Being a leader doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hard work, dedication and a focused mind. Thankfully, we have experts like those speaking at the RR&P leadership conference to teach us what it takes to lead, even if that means challenging others and the status quo to get there.

2. Discover a new perspective

Our speakers aren’t just leaders; they’re rebels! They’ve made it to where they are today by doing something different, by speaking out and by never settling for ‘good enough’. They decide to be renegades by breaking out and starting something new, and they can be a source of inspiration for you, too.

3. Gain professional education

No matter where you are in your professional career, this event will give you invaluable ideas and insight into how to succeed professionally. If you’re looking to take on more leadership or responsibility in the workplace, or even start your own business, this event is perfect for you.

4. Network with influencers

After the event, you have the opportunity to network and meet with our speakers as well as other business members from the Harrisburg regional community. Find others on the same path as you to grow with, or speak with our presenters for more one-on-one mentoring.

5. Grow & develop

This event focuses on individual growth and development and what it takes to be a pioneer in your field of interest. Whether or not you want to start a business or further your career, you’ll learn essential values and skills that apply to all areas of your life.

6. Support the Chamber’s mission

If you love events like this, or want to see more networking and professional development events in the future, the best thing you can do is attend! The Chamber relies on your support to continue hosting events like these.

Learn more about this year’s Rebels, Renegades & Pioneers event HERE.