Purple Deck Deploys First Interactive Retail Location with NFC Technology

Posted On On: June 9, 2017 Categories Filed Under: Member News

Chambers’ Apothecary, a leading full-service pharmacy and wellness center in Chambersburg, is proud to announce that they are taking their already friendly customer service one step further with the addition of Near Field Communication tags (NFC). The NFC-enabled tags are affixed to shelves throughout the store and allow customers to interact with the products within the retail space in an entirely new and innovative way.

TapLive™, Purple Deck’s NFC solution for small to enterprise-level businesses, enables customers of Chambers’ Apothecary to seamlessly access a wide variety of information about products and services by simply tapping their phone against the tags. The friendly staff will, of course, still be on hand to answer questions and advise customers as they always have, but TapLive will supplement that customer service with websites, user reviews, customer surveys and videos.

It is believed that this is the first time NFC technology has been deployed to this size in a retail location in the United States.
“At Chambers’ Apothecary, we have always strived to make the impossible possible by exceeding our customer’s expectation,” said Robert Norris, owner and pharmacist, “TapLive is a natural extension of that commitment.”

He added, “Our pharmacy draws from both the latest medical technologies and ancient natural healing methods to develop customized solutions for our customers. Nowhere is this blending of modern and traditional healing clearer than when my customers can get recipes from Dr. Axe – a popular radio show host and wellness physician – through videos on their smartphones with a tap. My customers now have access to his wealth of knowledge as if he was giving in-store demonstrations – and that’s just one example.”

The NFC tags, which prominently feature Chambers’ Apothecary’s logo, are managed by an easy-to-use dashboard created by Purple Deck that allows managers to edit and adjust the functionality of the tags as needed in real time.

“Not only does TapLive encourage customer engagement in the store, but it also gives managers enhanced visibility into that engagement,” said James Sulfare, CEO of Purple Deck. “For example, managers can now identify which products are being tapped the most, and at the same time gain insight into which products are being tapped the least, which is a powerful metric. This information lets them know which products are attracting the most attention and which products should be moved to a more visible shelf. Most importantly, they can now see which products were interacted with in the store but not purchased, and they can adjust their marketing accordingly.”

He continued, “All of this helps Chambers’ Apothecary to constantly improve and continue to surpass their customers’ needs.”

TapLive is a valuable addition to Chambers’ Apothecary’s larger customer engagement strategy that includes a website, social media and a mobile app, which is also powered by Purple Deck.

NFC allows devices to communicate with each other through contact, and has recently become introduced to the public on a grand scale as a payment method that allows customers to pay for items with a tap as an alternative to cash, credit or debit.

The displays also feature QR codes for those without NFC compatible devices. Apple announced this week that it is to add NFC tag reading support to its iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices through the iOS 11 upgrade.