Pennsylvania Women Leaders Offer Advice to Next Generation

Posted On On: April 5, 2018 Categories Filed Under: Member News

PSECU ended Women’s History Month with a special tribute to the incredible women shaping Pennsylvania.  Several Harrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC members were featured, including Amma Johnson, Jessica Meyers, Jenifer Epstein, and Claudia Williams.

“There is so much we can learn from women who are leading in government, business, and non-profits,” PSECU wrote on their blog. “That’s why we interviewed some of the top women leaders in Pennsylvania on how to overcome roadblocks and make a lasting positive impact on our society.”

For the full post with all nine interviews, visit PSECU’s blog here.

Find several, inspiring highlights from the interviews with the Harrisburg Chamber members featured below:

“Hold on to your value and never take unnecessary ‘shortcuts’ to achieve success. Success is the journey of ‘becoming’ who you truly are.” – Amma Johnson, Founder of the Amma Jo Brand

“For me, identifying mentors and champions, getting involved in the community, and embracing challenges were very important as I built my business.” – Jessica E. Meyers, President & Owner, JEM Group, LLC

“My number one best piece of advice that I could offer to young women is to be KIND to yourself…. Remember that mistakes do not define who you are. They shape who you will become and will work to activate your extraordinary potential.” – Dr. Jenifer Epstein, Partner at New York Life

“Ask questions. Ask for a better starting salary. Ask for a raise. Ask for a promotion. Importantly, don’t strive for ‘balance.’ Instead, strive for ‘fulfillment.’” – Claudia Williams, Chief Frientorship® Officer


PSECU was founded by 22 state employees who decided to take control of their finances and make a better life for themselves and their families. They pooled their money, and with just $90 – equating to roughly $1,646 today – they started the credit union in Pennsylvania. Based on a review of historical documents, several women were among the 22 founders of PSECU.

PSECU continues the legacy that its founders initiated. Today, approximately 68% of PSECU’s more than 850 employees are female. Women also continue playing strong roles on the credit union’s Board of Directors and executive leadership team.