Operational Resources

COVID-19 Employer Information for Office Buildings from the CDC outlines guidance on preparing your workplace for reopening, including making sure your space is ready for occupancy, identifying potential risks, and more.

The Safe Work Playbook created by Lear is an interactive guide for COVID-19 pandemic preparedness and response.

Recovery Readiness: How-To Guide for Reopening Your Workplace created by Cushman & Wakefield

Small Business Reopening Playbook from the U.S. Chamber

Additional Resources for Employers provided by UPMC Pinnacle

CARES Act Services to Aid Manufacturing by MANTEC

This comprehensive 3-part assessment from Johns Hopkins gives businesses a rating for how at-risk they are and how prepared they are to reopen. Here are the 3 parts of the Operational Toolkit (Thank you to Dame Management Strategies).

  1. An Instruction Manual Instructions that explain how to complete the 4-stage Business Risk Worksheet and Assessment Calculator.
  2. A Business Risk Worksheet A 4-stage step-by-step worksheet for you to report and understand your business’s overall risk of spreading COVID-19 and how your business operations can be made safer.
  3. An Assessment Calculator An Excel spreadsheet you will fill out to receive a calculated risk score and a modification score.