New Waste Transfer Building Opens in Harrisburg

Posted On On: November 10, 2015 Categories Filed Under: Member News

LANCASTER, Pa. – The Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority (LCSWMA) just reached a major milestone in the transformation of the former Harrisburg incinerator site, with the opening of a new 29,800 square-foot facility at the Susquehanna Resource Management Complex (SRMC) in Harrisburg. The building adds transfer, maintenance, and administrative capacity to the site.

Transfer Station Building at the Susquehanna Resource Management Complex (SRMC)

Transfer Station Building at the Susquehanna Resource Management Complex (SRMC)

Constructed to address operational efficiencies and improve customer experience, the $5 million transfer building will primarily be used for construction/demolition waste loads and smaller customer deliveries. This keeps residents and smaller hauling customers off the main tipping floor of the waste-to-energy plant and out of the way of larger garbage trucks. Benefits include improved traffic flow, reduced customer on-site time, and increased safety for customers and LCSWMA staff.
In addition to the new transfer building, LCSWMA has invested approximately $8.6 million in other changes at the SRMC site over the last two years. Examples include: 1) moving the main site entrance to 19th Street, 2) installation of a new scale house with separate inbound and outbound scales, 3) numerous upgrades to the waste-to-energy plant, and 4) substantial improvements to site aesthetics. These modifications not only enhanced the aesthetics of the site, but also increased site traffic flow and reduced on-site/cueing time by an average of 50 percent.
The transformation of the SRMC demonstrates both LCSWMA’s standard of excellence, as well as a commitment to restoring the site into a community asset once again. To view photos of the transformation at the SRMC and learn more, visit

LCSWMA is recognized nationally for its leadership in the solid waste industry and its innovative Integrated System that consists of the following: (1) a Transfer Station permitted to handle up to 2,200 tons per day; (2) a 1,200 tons per day mass burn Waste-to-Energy Facility in Lancaster and 800 tons per day mass burn Waste-to-Energy Facility in Harrisburg for the combustion of waste and production of electricity; (3) the Frey Farm Landfill, permitted for disposal of 2,000 tons of waste per day; (4) a county-wide recycling program; and (5) drive-through Household Hazardous Waste Facility. LCSWMA’s mission is to manage solid waste and recyclable materials in an environmentally safe, reliable and efficient manner.