New Supplement Shop to Open Friday May 1st at Colonial Park Mall in Harrisburg!

Posted On On: April 30, 2015 Categories Filed Under: Member News

A new sports supplement and vitamin store, called Advanced Nutritional Supplements (ANS for short), is due to open on May 1st at the Colonial Park Mall in Harrisburg, PA. The Grand Opening, starting at 10:00 am EST, will begin a month of large discounts and many free samples.

May 1st through 3rd will Feature 30% Off the Entire Store!

The first day ANS was on Facebook brought high engagement with 91 page likes and eight (8) 5-Star Reviews. There is no doubt that ANS will open with a strong first month with this kind of fantastic support.

One of the company’s founders, Michael Coladonato, is said to be one of the most knowledgeable guys around on supplement products. After several years at another vitamin and nutrition store and achieving incredible feats there, as well as having a brilliant run as a Regional Sales Director at Biorhythm, Michael is ready to give athletes and fitness enthusiasts the products they need at unbeatable prices through his own store. On top of all of this, Michael is not just a salesperson; he has actually used many of the products he sells, as well as listens to customers to receive feedback on their experiences with such products. He knows what products get results. At his soon-to-open store, he will sell only products that he believes will show results, rather than selling products just to make quotas developed by higher management.

ANS will offer the essentials, such as fish oil and CLA, but also the high performance sports supplements that athletes and fitness enthusiasts need to achieve their goals, including Biorhythm, Cellucor, and American Muscle products. ANS is locally-owned, as this is the first ANS of many planned stores. ANS managers will listen to their customers to provide the best experience possible. Coming May 1st at the Colonial Park Mall in Harrisburg, PA, this store will be the place to visit.

 Protein
 Pre-Workouts
 Building Products
 Weight Loss / Diet Products
 Meal Replacements
 Vitamins & Herbs
 Wellness Products
 & Much More

The mission of ANS is to give athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and body transformation-seekers the supplements they need to reach their performance and physique goals.

Also coming soon is the ANS online store,, where anyone in the U.S. can get the incredible offers from ANS.

Please show your support for ANS and come Friday, May 1st between 10:00 am and 9:00 pm.
Come for free samples, product giveaways, and incredible discount!

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