Tax Payer Information

As a service to our members, the Harrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC has collected various resources on tax information for taxpayers in Pennsylvania and the U.S. The following is a listing of links to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service. Please click on one of the following to be directed to their website.

State of Pennsylvania/Department of Revenue

Department of Revenue website -This is the homepage for the Department of Revenue in Pennsylvania. Through it, you can access general tax information, various forms, and resources for individual taxpayers, business taxpayers, and tax professionals.

General Forms and Applications – Access and download tax forms, instructions, or publications directly from the Department of Revenue. Included are income tax (2005 & 2004), business tax, corporation tax (2004 & 2003), inheritance tax, motor fuel tax, property tax/rent rebate, realty transfer tax, innocent spouse, and IRS forms as well as a search engine for accessing available forms.

Guidance For New Residents/Businesses to Pennsylvania – If you are new to Pennsylvania, this link has information on taxes levied in the state, loan forgiveness programs, and tax incentives that are offered.

E-services Center – Visit this site if you would like to file your Pennsylvania tax information electronically to the Department of Revenue.

  • Business Tax e-service webpage – This link has information on filing appeals, Public Utility Realty Tax Act, applying for an Employer Identification Number, 3 rd party vendor software, credit card payments, penalty and interest calculator, and IRS Tax Payments.

Local Tax Information – This portal is offered through the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED). On it, you will find resources on tax rates, the Emergency and Municipal Services ( EMS) Tax, Earned Income Tax (EIT) Withholding, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Taxpayer Rights – Learn more about your rights as a taxpayer and the Taxpayer’s Rights Advocate, Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, Appeals Rights, and others.

Motor Fuel Taxes – This webpage contains information on fuel taxes, current fuel tax rates, bulletins, forms, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Personal Income Tax– Visit this website if you would like to file your personal income taxes online.

Unemployment Compensation – This portal is offered through the Department of Labor and Industry. It contains updated information for employers and employees and includes information on changes for employers during unemployment compensation proceedings through a recent Commonwealth Court case, please click here to learn more.

Federal Government/ Internal Revenue Service

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website – This is the homepage for the Internal Revenue Service. Through it, you can access general tax information at the federal level, various forms, file your taxes electronically, or learn how to avoid current tax scams.

General Forms and Publications – Access and download forms, publications, order more information, or access tax information from other states.

Tax Information For Businesses – Access information on retirement plans, tax scams, health plans, tax relief, and employment taxes for small to medium-sized businesses.

Tax Information For Individuals – Information on refunds, identity theft, earned income tax credit, tax tips, and other helpful resources.

Tax Information For Charities/Non-profits – Search for charities, find information on tax exemptions, register for workshops, and filing information.

Information on Retirement Plans – Information is available for employers, employees, and practitioners on retirement plans.

Tax Information On The Taxpayer Advocate – The Taxpayer Advocate can help you if you have an ongoing issue with the IRS that has not been resolved or direct you to a resource for help.

Business Opportunities with the IRS – Learn more about procurement and competitive sourcing.