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By serving on or attending one or more of the Chamber & CREDC’s dynamic committees or roundtables, you and your organization will gain increased visibility, networking opportunities, and the unique chance to positively impact Central Pennsylvania’s business and economic development. For more information about a particular committee or roundtable, please call or email the corresponding staff member noted below.

To view the Committee & Roundtable Opportunities Flyer, please click here.


Chamber Champions Committee

Serve as a liaison between Chamber & CREDC and its new and existing member businesses as a means to strengthen member services and to increase volunteer participation.

Meeting Date: Third Tuesday, 8:15AM, Chamber & CREDC Office
Staff: Derek Whitesel: 717-213-5047 or


Chamber Business Women (CBW) Roundtable

Promotes progression and advancement of business women through education and sharing of ideas and experiences.

Meeting Date: Third Wednesday, 8:30AM, Chamber & CREDC Office
Staff: Christine Brindle: 717-213-5048 or


Environmental & Energy Subcommittee

Addresses environmental and energy related issues throughout the region.

Meeting Date: First Tuesday, 8:15AM, Chamber & CREDC Office
Staff: Larissa Bailey: 717-213-5041 or


Education & Business Partnership Committee

Focuses on preparing the student workforce, improving workforce skills, internships and mentoring, and re-training unemployed workforce.

Meeting Date: Third Thursday, 8:15AM, Chamber & CREDC Office
Staff: Larissa Bailey: 717-213-5041 or


Government Relations Committee

Serves as the voice of the Harrisburg Regional Chamber at all levels of government that impact the business and economic well-being of our members and investors.

Meeting Date: First Thursday, 8:15AM, Chamber & CREDC Office
Staff: Larissa Bailey: 717-213-5041 or


International Committee

Focuses on public policy issues surrounding trade and investment. The committee is working toward engaging the local community on the importance of the global economy to the Harrisburg region.

Meeting Date: Fourth Tuesday, 8AM, Chamber & CREDC Office
Staff: Shaun Donovan: 717-213-5033 or


Health Subcommittee

Addresses healthcare issues that will affect members and businesses throughout the region, emphasizing on state-related issues.

Staff: Larissa Bailey: 717-213-5041 or


Tax Subcommittee

Research and report on tax issues, specifically local tax reform issues.

Staff: Larissa Bailey: 717-213-5041 or


Local Government Subcommittee

Discusses and evaluates local government issues, as well as recommends legislative positions to the Government Relations Committee.

Meeting Date: Second Wednesday, Bi-monthly, 8:00AM, Chamber & CREDC Office
Staff: Larissa Bailey: 717-213-5041 or


Manufacturing Committee

Addresses current issues facing manufacturers. Meetings are held quarterly, followed by either a factory tour or featured speaker (this will rotate).

Staff: Shaun Donovan: 717-213-5033 or


Not-for-Profit Roundtable

An educational forum for not-for-profit organizations in our region to come together to share ideas, best practices and resources, as well as find ways to inspire the business community to support their missions. Not-for-Profit Roundtables are exclusively for not-for-profit organizations.

Staff: Christine Brindle: 717-213-5048,


Transportation Subcommittee

Addresses issues impacting transportation throughout the region.

Meeting Date: Second Wednesday, Bi-monthly, 8:30AM, Chamber & CREDC Office
Staff: Larissa Bailey: 717-213-5041 or


Catalyst Awards Committee

Solicits applications and determines selection of annual awards including, but not limited to, Small Business of the Year and Athena. Provides additional input to staff on execution of awards event.

Staff: Lindsey Holtzman: 717-213-5044 or


Business Expo Steering Committee

Plans, coordinates, promotes, and implements all aspects of the Chamber & CREDC’s annual Business Expo. Provides an opportunity for area businesses to showcase their products and services.

Staff: Lindsey Holtzman: 717-213-5044 or


CREDC Loan Review Committee

Reviews loan packages submitted by local businesses. Has approval authority of all state and federal loan programs administered by CREDC.

Meeting Date: Third Tuesday, 8AM, Chamber & CREDC Office
Staff: Linda Goldstein: 717-213-5042 or


BF TechCelerator@Carlisle Advisory Board Committee

Oversees entrepreneurial activities at the BF TechCelerator@Carlisle, a full service incubator offering businesses rental space and a variety of programs.

Meeting Date: Second Tuesday, 8AM, TechCelerator @ Murata Business Center (
Staff: Pam Martin: 717-249-2356 or


Veterans Affairs & Military Liaison Committee

Provides a medium through which many local active duty military commands and commanders can connect with the GreaterHarrisburg civilian community.

Staff: Helen Wallace: 717-213-5020 or



Complements the Chamber’s legislative advocacy efforts. The PAC (Political Action Committee) will make financial contributions to legislative candidates who are supportive of issues that are a concern for the Chamber and its members.The committee meets to decide on its involvement with contributions, fundraisers, and political events.

Staff: Larissa Bailey: 717-213-5041 or

For more information about getting involved in a Chamber & CREDC committee or attending an upcoming roundtable, please call 717.232.4099.