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Reduce expenses using the collective buying power of our 900 member businesses. Your membership helps you lower your company’s necessary expenses.

There’s more good news! When you join a Member Value Program, a part of your cost-saving proceeds are given back to the Chamber & CREDC.

401K Plan

Conrad Siegel has partnered with the Harrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC to offer the Central PA 401(k) to members at a discounted rate.

The Central PA 401(k), by Conrad Siegel is a Pooled Employer Plan (PEP). This means that instead of each business starting their own retirement plan, multiple organizations can join this one plan – saving you time and money. Offer your staff a great retirement plan!

Hear Chamber & CREDC President Ryan Unger and Conrad Siegel Partner and Consulting Actuary Trevor Bare on Smart Talk! 

Jim Kehr
(717) 525-6093


In partnership with Penn National Insurance, members who purchase their business insurance through Penn National Insurance have the opportunity to earn a dividend. More than $1.5 million in dividends has been returned to Chamber & CREDC members through this program.

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credit card processing

Evolv specializes  in  credit  card  processing services.   In  addition  to  credit card  processing, they  create  custom  websites,  enhance your online digital presence,  and  build custom  mobile applications.   On average, businesses can save  up to 25% of total  processing costs  compared to other  plans.

Contact: Shelley Hooper
717-903-7129 or


Imagine not having to deal with the drama of your employees! Our clients tell us we make their lives less stressful by serving as their Human Resource Department enabling them to focus on their core operation.  The mission of HR Resolutions is simple: we work side by side with our client partners creating work places where employees WANT to come to work ~ every day! We are the home of #DramaFreeHR!

Contact: Karen Young


Save 4¢ per gallon or more every day with our Fleet Fueling program. Discounts apply from one company car to an entire fleet. Fuel up with Rhoads Energy to start saving today.

Contact: Josh Enders, Customer Service Sales Specialist
717.989.6857 or


We partner with Pennsylvania Chamber Insurance (PCI Insurance) to stay ahead of the game by providing innovative medical and benefit plans for members.
Contact: 800-755-3021


We’ve combined the purchasing power of our members to bring you exclusive supply pricing for your business needs with Guernsey. By taking advantage of this program, your realized savings will have a direct impact on your company’s bottom line. Free next day delivery and lines of credit for Chamber & CREDC members.

Contact: Michelle Burger
717.948.5240 or

Prescription Program

Welcome to the “Clever” Endeavor!
Clever RX
is the premier discount drug program providing relief for millions of Americans making prescription drug purchases. It is easy to use and saves up to 80% off retail costs. Clever RX is the lowest price over 70% of the time compared to insurance and other discount programs! 

Clever RX is now partnered with the Harrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC. Save money, support your local chamber, and help send money to meaningful charities. Download the app and get started saving and helping others!

Stay Clever and overpay again…Never!

Contact: West Long, 716.379.8210

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