McNees Launches Program (LEAP) Designed to Help Black-Owned or Black-Controlled Businesses Thrive

McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC is pleased to announce the Legal Equity Advancement Program (LEAP), which will provide up to five black-owned or black-controlled businesses with up to a year’s worth of pro bono legal services.

McNees acknowledges that many black-owned or black-controlled businesses often lack access to the legal services needed to launch and grow a business. Through LEAP, McNees will award up to five such businesses with $50,000 each of pro bono legal services during their first year of engagement with McNees. The services will range from entity formation and financing to contract review/negotiation, licensing and permitting, real estate, employment law and tax, to name a few.
McNees will also offer awardees educational opportunities for certain areas of the law.

LEAP is consistent with McNees’ historical support for diversity initiatives and is intended to break down barriers to legal services and build bridges for black-owned or black-controlled businesses in South Central Pennsylvania. To ensure awareness of LEAP, McNees is advertising the program through various traditional and digital media outlets and additionally conducting direct outreach to stakeholders and community groups throughout South Central Pennsylvania. Importantly, the first deadline for business owners to complete and submit the brief initial application is December 11, 2020.

To view the flyer and application go to

If you have any questions or wish to submit an application alternatively, please contact Nicole Fiamingo, 717-237-5448 /