McNees Attorneys and Specialist Present at PSATS’ Annual Educational Conference & Exhibit Show

Six McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC attorneys and a specialist are slated to speak at PSATS’ 2019 Annual Educational Conference and Exhibit Show in Hershey on April 15 and 16.

Attorneys Jamie Strong and Esch McCombie will present “The Mundane to the Monster: Conducting Land Use Hearings” on April 15. The session will cover how land use hearings can differ and how each should be conducted in an efficient, thorough, and procedurally legal manner to avoid unnecessary delays, appeals and costs.

Land Planning Specialist Chris Knarr, along with Frank Chlebnikow of RETTEW, will present “Finding Valuable Commercial Space Under Parking Lots” on April 15. The session will explore the re-evaluation of off-street parking requirements and improving them to benefit the public, the property owner and the municipality. Chris will also present “If Everyone Hates Sprawl, Why Does it Keep Happening?” alongside Tim Staub of Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc. The workshop will identify the various interests that converge to create sprawl. It will also explore various ways communities can adjust their zoning and land use policies to manage growth, maximizing the benefits and minimizing the negative effects of sprawl.

Attorney Claudia Shank, along with Rose Mape of the PA Association of Bed & Breakfast Inns and Brad Stewart of the Lancaster County Planning Commission, will host the workshop “Are You Ready for Short-Term Rentals in Your Community?” on April 16. The session will offer how to address the growth of short-term rentals in communities nationwide and how municipalities can regulate them.
Attorney Kathy Pape will present the session “Words That Work and Words That Don’t” on April 16. It will guide officials in developing verbal and written communication that helps to resolve public issues, not inflame them. Attendees will learn the differences and how to use the right words at the right time to successfully navigate meetings and other interactions with residents.

Attorneys Adam Santucci and Langdon Ramsburg will present “The Nuts and Bolts of Collective Bargaining” on April 16. The session will be a how-to, practical guide to collective bargaining and interest arbitration, which will cover everything from Act 111 timelines and the Public Employee Relations Act to preparing proposals and sitting at the bargaining table.


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