Mawcore Launches Mobile App Using the MobileDeck Platform

Posted On On: April 14, 2016 Categories Filed Under: Member News

Mawcore: a Christian hard alternative rock band that is increasing their exposure and access to their music through a mobile application that they launched using the MobileDeck platform from Purple Deck Media. Mobile applications can be hard to afford and understand, especially for up and coming musicians, but with MobileDeck’s flexible, creative and customizable software it has never been more easy or affordable.

Mawcore was formed from the ashes of the former internationally distributed band, Blushing Well, who shared their music with thousands all around the world. They shared the stage with Skillet, Red, Disciple, Seventh Day Slumber, Jeremy Camp, Pillar and countless others. Their music was distributed internationally through Nightmare Records and played by radio stations in The Philippines, Yugoslavia, Norway, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Italy and the United States.

Although the past had crumbled, the three remaining members Joshua, Jeremy and Jeff found themselves with wounds being healed by the music within their core. Being joined by a variety of other musicians and eventually now permanent guitarist-Ben, drummer-Paul and the programming talents of Chris, they crafted a sound uniquely their own. Through their past struggles and experiences, they found a new start and a better view of life. Each member brings their own reason and purpose to keep them in forward motion. Lead singer Joshua stated, “If you cut me, I bleed music! This is such a deep part of my healing and knowing that we are sharing this healing with others, has made it all the more intense.” The band member’s passion for others is what fuels the forward motion that is Mawcore!

Mawcore has also worked hard to give back to the community in various ways such as participating in a concert that benefits children with cancer, which had a tremendous impact. Band member Jeff Redding stated that this particular charity event is very close to his heart, as his life was spared from cancer, by caring doctors and prayer. “There was no cancer after the procedure, and the chemo I did was just basically there to make sure nothing would return,” Redding said. After the surgery removed all of the tumor, he did a year of chemotherapy. He said his full recovery was nothing short of a miracle, and now, he dedicates his new life to uplifting others through music with his band.

In early February, Mawcore took the stage along with 170 other artists, featuring every genre from folk to metal, for a three-day concert known as Gettysburg Rocks, which to date, has now raised over $50,000 for children diagnosed with cancer at the Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital.

Mawcore is “Flooding the world with hope driven fearless rock music!” They are a band that stands for new hope, new vision, new life, new breath and new opportunities. After the prolonged struggle with the former band, they now look at life through a new lens. They want to give hope back to the community, especially the children and their families that suffer each day. They encourage each family member to believe – there’s always a chance to fight, a chance to win.

The members of Mawcore stressed the immense change for bands throughout the past couple of years. Back in the day, all you really needed as an up and coming band was a Myspace and a webpage and you did just fine. However, in today’s world, social media has gravitated away from Myspace and more towards other applications, making it harder for bands to be recognized and listened to.

MobileDeck’s easy to use platform allowed lead singer and band marketer Joshua Reading to quickly create an elegant mobile experience and connect the app to the band’s SoundCloud, Youtube Channel, and distribution channels. This allowed them to promote their album, The Refining, and more importantly increase the awareness of the band’s music. Additionally with the ability to manage the band’s calendar from the app, their fans can easily see where they are playing next.

With 80% of adults using smartphones in the US, reaching the consumers on devices they use every day is becoming increasingly important. Purple Deck Media is proud that their MobileDeck platform is enabling more businesses, non-profits, musicians, and others to have their own mobile application than ever before without the need of a website. Their ability to integrate all social media into one central hub makes it easy for any band, organization or social group to do things on the fly.

Purple Deck Media COO Nathan Neil stated that, “Bridging the gap and providing a service that has not been available in the industry to people who can greatly benefit from it is a crucial element of our founding that makes us very proud.”