Master Networks Presents Master Minds: The 5 Business Disciplines Training Event in Harrisburg

Posted On On: February 24, 2015 Categories Filed Under: Member News

HARRISBURG, Pa., Feb. 20, 2015/COACH FINO HOLDINGS/ — Master Networks announces that the most anticipated training event of its kind, Master Minds The 5 Business Disciplines, is coming to Harrisburg. On February 25th, seasoned entrepreneurial leaders, successful business professionals and those just starting out are invited to attend the world class business training event.  Registration is open to all individuals interested in building or growing their business as well as expanding their professional network.  Master Minds event speakers will present the five business disciplines and proven business techniques to attendees while providing a platform for local professionals to network.  The interactive training event will take place at Chambers Hill Fire Company in Harrisburg, PA. Registration starts at 8:30am.


Keynote speaker Chas Wilson, President and Co-Founder of Master Networks Inc., will deliver innovative content, teaching attendees key concepts to building their business and customer reach. Also featured is guest speaker Rich “Coach” Fino, the Vice President of Next Level Coaching. Coach is an accomplished sales, training and coaching professional.


“This event showcases what we’re all about” says Rich Fino. “I do not know of another event where you will get motivated, inspired, and not only meet other professionals to build your network right here, but learn how to build your network at the same time.”


Master Minds brings proven content and inspiration. The official “5 Business Disciplines” including Thinking, Targeting, Tracking, Timing and Teamwork will be presented from executives who have used these proven techniques to teach attendees how to find, attract, and connect with the right prospective customers. Each attendee will have the opportunity to learn how to build a powerful network from top producing executives who have used these proven methods to do so themselves.  All attendees will have time to network with other professionals providing the opportunity for immediate network expansion. There are many other benefits to gain from meeting other local professionals and is a key to expanding a business network.


This is the only nationally organized event of its kind where local professionals across the nation are connected by attending a local event.  No other business event provides the opportunity for professionals to gain training while simultaneously expanding their network.


Master Networks is an innovative networking organization that provides new and experienced  professionals with business training and networking to help expand their community reach.  Master Networks has local chapters nationwide and provides training events such as Master Minds across the country.


For those interested in registering for the Master Minds The 5 Business Disciplines training event click here.

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