Lewis Brothers Launch’s Tech Startup for Construction Trades

Harrisburg – A new tech startup has launched in the mid-state with the formation of SUBX INC and impending beta release of the Subcontractor Exchange, or “SubX.”
SubX will be a service that connects contractors in the construction industry with good subcontractors, and helps good subcontractors keep their schedules full.

The service, which will be delivered via a web portal and mobile application, was created by Tradesman Building Group COO Andrew Lewis last year. “I came up with the SubX concept to help solve a huge problem in our [the construction] industry – finding good skilled labor resources when you need them,’ Andrew said in a written statement. “This is one of the top challenges facing the construction industry today. After dealing with this problem numerous times while expanding our family business, I realized we need a network where contractors can find quality subs and see their availability reflected in real-time. There is currently no other service on the market today offering what SubX will offer.”

As a newly elected legislator in the PA House of Representatives, Lewis has his hands full, so the firm will launch under the leadership of brother, co-founder and Tradesman CEO Ben Lewis. Ben Lewis brings industry and business expertise, while third brother and co-founder Will Lewis, a web application developer at Covenant Eyes, brings vital knowledge of the technology needed to run the service. The brothers are joined by co-founder Nate Sensenig, an engineer by training who will head up the Customer Experience division of SubX. Ben Lewis had the following to say: “In an industry where finding skilled labor is increasingly difficult, we’ve created a network where builders can now access a bench of qualified manpower with availability projected in real time via the app. Additionally, contractors can now hire with confidence, knowing their chosen subcontractor is trusted in the industry. The one feature we’re very excited about is the “vouch” feature, which will enable contractors to vouch for each other in the app, which will in turn build trust throughout the industry.”

The subcontractor exchange will be accessible via a monthly subscription fee, and will launch in beta sometime next month. “We’re still perfecting the beta version of the website and software,’ Nate Sensenig said, “we want this online tool to be a huge asset to contractors and really deliver for them when they need subs on a short notice, so we’re taking the necessary time to do this right. We’ll be ready to launch in just a few short weeks and we couldn’t be more excited.”
Anyone in the construction industry interested in testing the beta version of SubX can sign up for email updates at www.findgoodsubs.com.