LeTort Trust Supports Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week 

Posted On On: November 17, 2016 Categories Filed Under: Member News

Harrisburg, PA – November 17, 2016 – LeTort Trust’s commitment to support Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week (PFEW) remains an important priority for the company and its charitable giving arm, Atgooth Foundation. Each year, Atgooth Foundation and LeTort Trust provide financial and volunteer support to help area students attend the program.


Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week is a one-of-a-kind summer program that offers in-coming high school juniors and seniors a unique and challenging opportunity to see what it is like to run their own business. For five individual, week-long sessions, Lycoming College and PA College of Technology welcome students, volunteers, and guests to their respective campus locations as they host the Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week program.

In 1979, the business community in Pennsylvania designed this innovative program to teach young people (rising juniors and seniors in high school) about the issues that face businesses every day. Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week now annually graduates approximately 2,200 students with a vastly improved understanding about free market economics. Each summer, PFEW holds the five, one-week sessions in July and August. The focus of the week involves grouping the participants into management teams of senior executives who have inherited imaginary global companies.

These teams, under the guidance of “executives-on-loan” called Company Advisors, operate their firms for a computer simulated three-year period of time. The program is designed to give every participant, in broad brush strokes, an idea of what is germane and pertinent to the business world today.

Each day’s activities include presentations given by world-class business professionals from across the nation. The students hear about subjects such as Business and Finance, The Role and Relationship of Business and Government, Taxation, Business Ethics, Labor Relations, and other relevant topics.

“The reason we want to give this opportunity to students in our region and hope that other companies also consider supporting the program, is to continue the mentoring of our next generation workforce,” stated Katie Clarke, president of LeTort Trust. “If we and other business leaders can introduce area youth to our companies while giving them this free enterprise experience, we might be able to bring many of them back to the area with new skills when they are ready to enter the workforce. PFEW needs more area companies to get involved by sending volunteers to be “Company Advisors” and funding more students to attend the program,” she added. Katie was a Keynote speaker during the PFEW 2014 sessions and will be serving as a panel judge this summer.

PFEW is open to all current sophomores and juniors in Pennsylvania. To learn more about the work accomplished by PFEW watch the attached ABC27 Newsclip. If you would like to learn more about how you can participate, you can visit their website at http://www.pfew.org or contact John Trombetta, president of the Foundation for Free Enterprise Education at (814) 833-9576 ext. 106 or email him at  john@pfew.org.

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