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Voce (formerly Family Design Resources, Inc.) works with agencies and professionals who support children and families throughout Pennsylvania. From private social service agencies to public systems for child welfare, education, mental health and juvenile justice, we provide programs, technical assistance and training to help cultivate healthy, supported families in Pennsylvania.

Voce partners with Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries to deliver the programs of the Pennsylvania Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN). SWAN includes county children and youth agencies, private adoption agencies, Pennsylvania’s Office of Children, Youth and Families, foster and adoptive parents, and many others all working together on behalf of children who need permanent homes.

SWAN Research & Quality Assurance Specialist 

Voce is seeking a full-time Research and Quality Assurance Specialist. The Research and Quality Assurance Specialist will plan and conduct SWAN/Voce program-related research with a goal to promote evidence-based and evidence-informed practice. This includes developing and implementing evaluation designs, analyzing anecdotal or statistical data related to these evaluations, and preparing reports and studies for use by program stakeholders and SWAN leadership. The position also prepares reports and report designs, including graphs, tables, maps, and narrative to present best practice data.

We are looking for a candidate with general knowledge and work experience with developing research evaluations and managing databases, data analysis, and substantial child welfare and permanency experience.

Job duties may include the following:

– Develops data collection systems that allow the analyses of safety, permanency and well-being outcomes that supports evidence-based and evidence-informed practice.

– Collaborates with others in the development of research and quality assurance data collection activities, data reports and program outcome data.

– Develops data sets to evaluate programs and services while analyzing the impact of program processes and outcomes.

– Establishes and maintains research-based relationships with universities or other research organizations.

– Creates and implements special evaluation projects to ascertain safety, permanency, and well-being outcomes of programs.

– Coordinates the development of a research library.

– Presents validated information/data in group settings.

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