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The City Engineer plans, designs and has control oversight of all engineering matters dealing with the City. This position is responsible for highway and roadway projects including preparing designs, specifications, cost estimates and construction plans. The City Engineer requires a broad education and experience background in each of the classical specialties of Civil Engineering, including: hydrology, hydraulics, sanitary, environmental, transportation, structural, soil mechanics, planning, and surveying. Beyond this technical background, the City Engineer must also be conversant with state statutes which regulate land use policies, as well as the specific legislation and regulations governing the City of Harrisburg. The City Engineer works with the Zoning Hearing Board, Planning Commission, and municipal Authorities as well as the general public discerning the needs of these groups, interpreting technical requirements, and presenting recommendations. In the fulfillment of these duties, excellent communication skills and the ability to work efficiently with a diverse segment of the population are required. The City Engineer interprets the needs of society and presents and explains technical issues to the general public. Work is performed under the direct supervision of the Director of Public Works. This is a management, FLSA exempt position.

Work involves the ability to drive a City vehicle, the use of a personal computer, blueprint copier, maps, computerized printer, calculator, telephone, and fax machine. May be exposed to dust, dirt, fumes, hazardous environmental conditions, toxic and nontoxic chemicals, loud noise, and adverse weather and working conditions. Duties are typically performed weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; however, evenings and weekends may be required.
Prepare engineering designs, specifications, costs and quantity estimates of public works projects. Oversees routine updating of maps and utility records. Conduct studies of traffic patterns or environmental conditions to identify problems and assess the potential impacts of projects. Prepare requests for proposals and bids; review contract bids and proposals; assist in the coordination and review of design work. Act as project engineer; research applicable codes, regulations and requirements for assigned projects; develop engineering plans and compile preliminary layout of plans; write specifications for plans; coordinate required advertising for bids; perform construction management; advise contractor and construction inspectors during actual construction. Review and comment on existing codes and ordinances, and preparation of codes and ordinances where required. Determine runoff characteristics of watershed and storm runoff to control erosion and reduce sediment. Prepare/review plans for transmission and distribution of water supplies. Prepare/review plans for inlets, storm sewers, retention ponds and other storm water conduits. Prepare/review plans and operating maintenance manuals for sewage treatment plants, pumping stations and other sewage facilities. Prepare/review plans for solid waste disposal facilities of sludge and other solid waste materials including hauling equipment, collection systems, transfer stations, incinerator and sanitary landfills. Review Bridge Inspection Reports of superstructure and foundation structural integrity and acquire plans for construction and/or reconstruction. Investigate roadway conditions and prepare/acquire plans for reconstruction, resurfacing and/or restoration. Determine traffic impact on roads and streets to provide improvement of safety conditions, traffic flows and access by handicapped persons. Assemble demographic and census data, water and wastewater facilities, and utility availability to determine feasibility of development. Attend public and regulatory meetings and prepare necessary reports, graphics, and other information as required. Review present worth and life cycle costs and evaluate alternatives for public works projects. Assist with project financing issues including the availability and feasibility of grants, loans, bond issues, and private investment in public facilities. Make on-site inspection of site improvements to assure compliance with City standards to protect and preserve natural features and surrounding properties. Administer the release of monies held as financial guarantees for public improvements to assure facilities are installed in accordance with approved plans. Review proposals of consulting engineers for design of capital projects and make recommendations for contract award. Prepare plans and studies as required with consideration of the environmental impact to the community and access to public facilities as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Interact with City staff and make recommendations regarding solutions to municipal engineering problems. Administer and coordinate a comprehensive engineering service to assure that all studies and surveys are done in a timely fashion. Assist City staff in administering state and federal regulatory requirements to assure logical and environmentally sensitive actions are taken. Provide engineering advice to various appointed boards and commissions so that they can provide sound recommendations on the overall development of the municipality. Research and analyze federal, state and local regulations governing projects. Maintain regular, punctual and predictable attendance. Report to work and remains at work in a productive condition which includes not being under the influence or impaired by the use of alcohol and/or drugs. Establish and maintain an effective working relationship with supervisors, co-workers and the general public. Completes all assignments in an efficient, consistent and timely manner.
·Knowledge of principles and practices of civil and structural engineering.
·Knowledge of pertinent federal, State and local laws, codes and regulations including civil engineering laws and regulations.
·Knowledge of principles and practices of street, water, storm water and wastewater treatment facilities, and light departments.
·Knowledge of principles and practices of pavement management and design.
·Knowledge of and skilled in the operation of computer-based programs for the solution of engineering problems, graphics, computer aided drafting and Geographic Information System (GIS).
·Knowledge of traffic management and traffic control.
·Knowledge of principles and practices used in property location and topographical surveying.
·Knowledge of terminology, methods, practices and techniques used in technical civil engineering report and project estimate preparation.
·Knowledge of recent developments, current literature, and sources of information regarding civil engineering.
·Knowledge of principles and practices of project and construction management.
·Knowledge of modern methods and techniques for the construction, inspection and maintenance of public works projects.
·Knowledge of managerial, administrative and accounting practices and procedures.
·Ability to read and interpret maps, plans and designs.
·Ability to adapt approved engineering methods and standards to the design and construction of a variety of municipal public works projects.
·Ability to inspect moderately complex public works projects during construction and upon completion and to detect deviations from approved design, specifications, and construction practices.
·Ability to make complex engineering computations quickly and accurately.
·Ability to create and modify data and records on a computer-based GIS system.
·Ability to resolve regulatory, public relations and system design questions.
·Ability to manage engineering projects.
·Ability to ensure project compliance with appropriate federal, State and local rules, laws and regulations.
·Ability to monitor phases of construction projects and prepare progress reports.
·Ability to conduct comprehensive engineering studies and develop appropriate recommendations.
·Ability to perform technical research and solve multi-disciplinary engineering problems.
·Ability to take initiative, think creatively and work independently.
·Ability to develop, review and modify civil or structural engineering plans, design, and specifications.
·Ability to exercise professional engineering judgment to achieve results consistent with objectives.
Must possess a valid Professional Engineer License issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering or Construction Management.
Three (3) plus years of increasingly responsible professional civil engineering experience with recent highway design and PennDOT experience; or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to perform the Essential Functions of the position may be substituted for education.
One to two years in a supervisory capacity. Valid Pennsylvania driver’s license.

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