HR Expert, Karen Young, Launches HR Guide to Change any Business

Posted On On: November 23, 2015 Categories Filed Under: Member News

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, August 24, 2015: Local HR specialist, Karen Young, has launched her how-to novel on HR practices for businesses with 40-60 employees. The launch of this book will help entrepreneurs everywhere learn how to transform their business from surviving to succeeding with simple transformations in their HR practices.


Young, a senior HR professional, is very passionate about the Human Resources field and how it helps any company to run efficiently. She has seen companies transform from being almost destitute to being successful companies in a short amount of time just by changing their HR practices. Many entrepreneurs become, what Young calls “accidental HR managers” because they have to run their company, yet they had no idea that HR even existed. Young is here to set the record straight and help these managers get through the murky waters and back to running their company the right way.


Stop Knocking on my Door” is a comprehensive guide on how to handle every aspect of Human Resources. Whether a company has one employee or 60 employees, this how-to guide will help lead them to a place where human resources suddenly makes sense and is no longer overwhelming. No company can run efficiently if there are risks taking place that can force a company to buckle to its knees in seconds. Young is here to put an end to that by pointing out the rules, laws, and regulations that must be followed as well as how to follow them in order to succeed.


Young happily helps CEOs and entrepreneurs from all walks of life realize the error of their ways. She has worked in the human resources field for over 25 years and is the founder of HR Resolutions, a Human Resources management company. Karen has happily assisted hundreds of companies across a variety of industries to decrease their human resources costs, which in the end has made them be more profitable.


Anyone that would like more information about Karen Young’s book, “ Stop Knocking on my Door” or would like to schedule their free one hour consultation with Karen to discuss the accidental human resources position that they have fallen into, can visit her website, call 717-652-5187 or email