Hamilton Health Center announces new Chief Human Resources Officer

Hamilton Health Center has named Kenyatta Nobles as the new Chief Human Resources Officer for Hamilton Health Center. Nobles joined Hamilton Health with over 14 years of practical, hands-on human resources experience. One of his greatest passions lies in cultivating work groups and environments to thrive off creativity, innovation, and collaboration at all levels of an organization.

A hiring/shift manager once told me, “This is all you can be… is a fry guy.” Those words challenged me to get into a profession where I could make a difference and really change the way people interact in the workplace. I have always ensured that I am an employee advocate, transformation champion, and strategic business partner.

-Kenyatta Nobles

Nobles earned his Master’s degree in Human Resource Management through the University of Phoenix. His degree is in Human Resource Administration, Risk Management, and Insurance from Temple University, Fox School of Business. Nobles is active in community service and maintains membership in several fraternal and professional organizations, such as the Society for Human Resources (SHRM), where he is recognized as a Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP).