#FXBuilds Reaches $25K Mark!

Posted On On: February 26, 2015 Categories Filed Under: Member News

In February 2015, WebpageFX, a Harrisburg-based internet marketing and web development agency, completed its first #FXBuilds project with a $25,000 donation to the international non-profit Pencils of Promise. The #FXBuilds program is part of WebpageFX’s 10 year initiative to impact and improve the lives of 5,000 world-wide through community partnerships and donations.

Pencils of Promise works with organizations around the world, like WebpageFX, to build schools and educational infrastructure in developing countries such as Laos and Guatemala. They match each $25,000 donation to a community which lacks sufficient educational resources. The donation, plus a community contribution, provides a structurally safe school, building maintenance for 20 years, teacher training, school supplies, classroom e-readers and long-range communication technology.

“WebpageFX is committed to providing meaningful support to communities world-wide. We believe in the value of education and are excited to provide this opportunity to communities in need,” said WebpageFX President William Craig.

To monitor the success #FXBuilds and see the finished school once built, follow WebpageFX on Twitter at @webpagefx or search #FXBuilds on Twitter and Facebook.

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