From the Desk of Dave Black: A Message on the Election

To Our Visionary Members,

Adding to the unprecedented challenges we have faced in 2020, is the contentious election on Tuesday. Unlike normal Presidential Elections, it’s highly unlikely the results for all close races will be known before we turn off our media connections on November 3rd or early hours of November 4th.

In 1939 during the repeated bombing of London in WWII, the British developed that famous saying, “Keep Calm and Carry On.” The business community helped to lead then and we need to lead again, we need to be a reassuring voice in the 2020 sea of chaos. That’s what we will be doing at the Chamber & CREDC.

We are voting in the middle of a pandemic with new mail-in voting options here in Pennsylvania and nationwide that will likely slow the vote count. As we know in Pennsylvania and in some other states, ballots received in county election offices as late as Friday, but post marked November 3rd will be counted. Also, notable, they cannot be opened or counted before November 3rd

So, between the volume of mail in ballots and extended receipt time, it’s likely we will not know the outcome of the Presidential election, local Congressional, Pennsylvania Senate and House races on Election Day. Here is information from the US Chamber on elections explaining this in more detail. I encourage you to take a moment to review it and please, feel free to share it!

Many believe the time lag between poll closing times and vote results will be days longer than usual and will lead to confusion, allegations, news reports of improprieties, false information, general social media chaos and even tension spilling onto the streets. 

We need to remind our families, friends, customers and others in our region that the 2020 election voting is different in so many ways. Vote tabulation and reporting results will take time. Here at the Chamber & CREDC, we will lead, we all need to lead, to reassure the public that it is more important to have correct results verses fast results!

County Election Officials have been preparing to produce accurate vote counts. Time frame largely depends on volume and arrival time of ballots. It’s estimated that nearly 40% of voters will vote by mail, so it’s going to take time to process and count these ballots. So please, let’s all keep calm and carry on! 

Thank you for your Bold Leadership!

David Black
President & CEO