Fort Pitt Capital Group Announces Staff Promotion

Pittsburgh, Pa.—August 24, 2021 — Fort Pitt Capital Group (“Fort Pitt”) is pleased to announce promotions among the leadership in our Portfolio Management group. Beginning September 1, 2021 Dan Eye, CFA® will be elevated to the role of Chief Investment Officer, and Carter Henderson will be promoted to co-Portfolio Manager.
Charlie Smith, a founding partner of Fort Pitt and current Chief Investment Officer explains, “We’ve spent nearly a decade building the skill stack in Portfolio Management. Jay Sommariva took over fixed income eight years ago and day-to-day team management in 2019. Carter brought prodigious stock-picking skills in 2018, and Dan added his aptitude for client communication and seeing the ‘big picture’ in 2019. These changes simply crystallize that process, allowing me to retire from day-to-day management on June 30, 2022, while remaining in a consulting role beyond that date.”
“The deliberate evolution of Charlie Smith’s leadership function is part of Fort Pitt’s larger succession plan. Dan is a veteran leader who will assume this role seamlessly and effectively,” said Fort Pitt CEO Theodore M. (Ted) Bovard.
Eye has nearly 20 years of investment management experience, starting with J.P. Morgan where he actively managed discretionary portfolios for high-net-worth individuals, then constructing and managing customized portfolios for ultra-high net worth clients with a Philadelphia-based firm, and more recently as Chief Investment Officer for Harrisburg-based RIA Roof Advisory Group. He joined Fort Pitt in 2019 as part of a merger as the Head of Asset Allocation and Equity Research and spent the last 3 years working closely with Smith.
“Ultimately, we’re in the business of making it possible for people to retire,” said Mike Blehar, Founding Partner at Fort Pitt. “Ted, Charlie, and I have been investing right alongside our clients since we founded the firm in 1995, building our own retirement nest eggs the same way we build it for them. Charlie has done a tremendous job of building his team in a way that will allow them to continue our firm’s investment strategies at the same high-level our clients have enjoyed from inception.”