Experienced, Knowledgeable and Trustworthy, Kofi is in Your Corner

Odoom & Associates LLC is a boutique accounting firm located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. It currently consists of Kofi Odoom and his 11 healthy Phalaenopsis (Moth) Orchids. Prior to his most recent employment with F&M Trust, Kofi, whose name means born on Friday, had been providing Fractional CFO services, small business accounting and bookkeeping services since 2011, working with companies at various stages in their life cycle Рfrom proof of concept through raising capital, ensuring business continuity, and developing exit strategies. 

Life-Long Learning

A Mechanicsburg resident, Odoom is originally from Ghana in West Africa. Kofi received his Bachelor of Arts in Management at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. He also completed his Bachelor of Science in Finance and Master of Accounting at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. He also has a Certificate from the American Bankers Association in Business and Commercial Lending, and has successfully completed the requirements to achieve the designation of Credit Risk Certified (CRC). Kofi, who is a member of the AICPA, and a CPA candidate, plans to obtain his license by the end of 2021.

Community Involvement

Kofi Odoom is committed to being part of his community. He volunteers his time to support organizations in Central Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania and nationally.

Kofi’s main interests are setting up reporting and recordkeeping systems, Bookkeeping clean up, Outsourced bookkeeping, Payroll processing, and Fractional CFO services. 

More information about Kofi E. Odoom can be found by visiting https://www.odoomandassociates.com.