Economic Forecast

A Perspective on our REGION’S ECONOMIC FUTURE.

Gather a perspective on our region’s economic future. Our 2021 Harrisburg Regional Economic Forecast will feature an economist from the Federal Reserve who will share upcoming economic trends that have a direct impact on our business community. This in-depth keynote presentation will give attendees key takeaways around local, national and global financial perspectives.

Harrisburg Regional Economic Forecast 

Tuesday, February 9, 2021
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Virtual Event

Meet Our Keynote Speaker

Ryotaro Tashiro
Regional Economic Advisor, Federal Reserve

As a regional economic advisor, Ryo Tashiro travels across the Third District, speaking to various groups about the economic outlook and the functions of the Federal Reserve. He tries to avoid using economic jargon so that those without economic backgrounds can participate in the conversations.

Ryo views these interactions with the public as two-way streets. Not only does he see the importance of informing the public about what is going on with the economy and at the Fed, Ryo also thinks it is important to hear what individuals across the District are experiencing in the economy. Many of the research topics Ryo has pursued were inspired by these conversations with the public. Those topics include his two main areas of focus, labor economics and demographics.

Prior to joining the Bank in June 2016, Ryo was a business analyst for Bloomberg, where he conducted research on issues related to equity data quality. He has a master’s degree in economics from the University of Michigan–Ann Arbor and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Kenyon College.


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