Projects & Endorsements


1 Molly Pitcher Brewing Co. – Mike Moll, President “The overwhelming positive community reception of Molly Pitcher’s taproom has been the most humbling experience,” he said. “Both CREDC and the (Cumberland County) Redevelopment Authority have been very helpful in starting our business.

They were supportive, thorough, and delivered results with a personal touch.”

2 Hamilton Health Center – Jeannine Peterson, CEO “When Hamilton Health Center, a nonprofit health center in Harrisburg, embarked on our first capital project, we knew nothing about how to apply for funding through the Pennsylvania Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP). CREDC provided us with guidance and technical support through the RACP application and grant award and compliance process, which resulted in $5 million in state funding being available for our project.
These funds helped Hamilton leverage additional financial support from the government and the
private sector for our $23 million project, which was completed in January 2015.”

3 Graphtech – Jon Williams, President “When referring to his facility expansion, Jon said, “It wouldn’t have been an easy task. It would have cost us a lot of time and loss production.” “…it [conventional lending] would have really strapped us cash-wise. Only through our bank partnering with CREDC were we able to buy the building.”

4 Discovery Kids – Amy Schreffler, VP “Without CREDC and the SBA, we never would have been able to buy this location. Working with CREDC and the SBA allowed us to take on this very large project. It’s sometimes difficult to come up with 20% down for a project that costs a million dollars. So, having that extra 10% to save, and putting the 10% down really does help, so we’re able to still run our small business without taking any hits there.”


5 Higher Information Group – John Frisch, President “You guys help put me in business, and, without CREDC programs, we wouldn’t be where we are today. It was very inexpensive money…it’s nice to have an alternate source.”


6 Appalachian Brewing Company – Jack Sproch, CEO “We love CREDC! We worked a lot with the
various loan programs that they were able to help administer through the state of Pennsylvania, and some federal loans as well, mostly to expand our manufacturing operations. We found that CREDC brought the expertise that was necessary to pull it all together.”

WCI Partners, LP – David Butcher, President and Partner “CREDC has built an excellent reputation
in small business lending, grant administration, project management and financial management.
They have been instrumental in securing and administering $5.5M in RACP for our Olde Uptown
Redevelopment Project, which has helped to create over $30M in economic value to the city of
Harrisburg. Their partnership has been critical to our company’s success.”

BB&T – Jewel Cooper, Retail Executive “From a banking perspective, CREDC does a great job in
assisting the bank with adding value to our clients by allowing us to carve out excellent long-term fixed rates. It’s a win-win for all parties!”

Penn Tech Deployments, Inc. – Anthony Intrieri, VP When referring to his experience with Enterprise Zone Tax Credits, Anthony said, “I talked to Shaun Donovan. It was one of the easier processes we went through. Within two years, we’ve gone from 8 employees up to 16.”