Goals of the Campaign



Business Lending & Grant Packaging — Since 2001, CREDC has originated over $135 million in grants and low-interest loans in partnership with local financial institutions for 385 projects. CREDC receives some fees from clients; however, those fees do not cover the cost of maintaining the loan portfolio or time spent with many prospects that do not ultimately become clients.

TechCelerator by CREDC & Entrepreneurial Support — Supporting new businesses is a priority for CREDC. The TechCelerator Business Incubator in Carlisle currently has 17 clients on-site, and the TechCelerator program at Hershey Center for Applied Research has 1 client, all start-ups by local entrepreneurs. The TechCelerator Program is acknowledged as one of the best business programs in the state. The CREDC Campaign will be used to support the TechCelerator Program for our region and for those businesses yet to be created! Who knows — maybe we will find the next Milton Hershey!

Site Selection — Economically competitive regions are expected to provide high-quality site selection services. CREDC fulfills that role through its engagement and presence in the Harrisburg Region. Each year CREDC receives as many as 60 requests for site and demographic information in our region from local companies, out-of-the-region companies, site selectors and the Governor’s Action Team. We research site criteria, check with local real estate brokers and developers, and arrange and conduct tours of sites with prospects. We have been successful in assisting companies in locating here, which have brought hundreds of jobs to the region. We are not paid for these important services.

Live the Life You Want (thelifeyouwantpa.com) — Workforce, whether it’s available or trainable, is currently our region’s biggest challenge. As the economy continues to improve, demographic trends worldwide continue to indicate that the places with the best available workforces will have the competitive edge economically in the decades ahead. Attracting and retaining talent is a CREDC investment well worth making.

Business Diversity — As we become more diverse as a nation, as well as a region, CREDC believes that in a global economy, a diverse workforce and an inclusive environment are competitive advantages that lead to positive change. Business diversity is more than the right thing to do; it is a best practice that will help enhance businesses and our region.

South Central PA Initiatives — CREDC knows the world is getting smaller, and we are no longer just the Harrisburg Region, but south central Pennsylvania. We work more with our sister organizations in Lancaster, York, Lebanon, Adams, Franklin, Dauphin, Cumberland and Perry counties, and we are creating an identity for south central Pennsylvania, the third largest region in the Commonwealth.

Program Matching Funds — Maybe it’s an opportunity to seed a revolving loan fund in the Harrisburg Region; maybe it’s matching funds for financial support for Live the Life You Want; maybe it’s a simple match for ISRP (Industrial Site Reuse Program); in any case, having some money available to leverage opportunities for success in our region is well worth the investment.