Legislative Resources

Please click here to download a PDF document containing a list of our region’s current elected officials.

Legislative Multimedia News

Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus
Pennsylvania House Republican Caucus
Pennsylvania Senate Democrats
Pennsylvania Senate Republicans

State Resources

1. Pennsylvania’s State Website
2.Official Site of Governor Tom Wolf
3. Members of Governor Wolf’s Cabinet
4. Pennsylvania House of Representatives
5. Pennsylvania Senate
6. General Assembly’s Electronic Bill Database: This website provides session information on the Pennsylvania House and Senate and access to bills currently on the floor and past bills (up to the 1969-70 legislative session).
7. Department of Community & Economic Development /PA Department of Community & Economic Development
8. Pennsylvania Bureau of Elections/ Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legislation

Federal Resources

1. Internal Revenue Service
2. Social Security Administration
3. United States House of Representatives
4. United States Senate
5. White House

Local Resources

1. County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania
2. Cumberland County’s Website
3. Dauphin County’s Website
4. Perry County’s Website
5. City of Harrisburg
6. Penn-DOT, District 8: South Central Pennsylvania lies in District 8’s jurisdiction for transportation maintenance and construction, this website provides information for its users in Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry, and York Counties.