The Harrisburg Regional Chamber staff is comprised of knowledgeable professionals who coordinate events and projects, facilitate volunteer efforts, and administer programs that enhance our region’s business, community and economic development efforts. If you’re not sure who to direct your inquiry to, please call us 717.232.4099, 1.877.883.8339, or email us at and a staff member will direct you to the appropriate person.Our mailing address is:

Harrisburg Regional Chamber
3211 North Front Street, Suite 201
Harrisburg, PA 17110-1342


David E. Black

President & CEO
717.213.5020 Phone
717.232.5184 Fax
dblack [at] hbgrc [dot] org

Helen Wallace

Assistant to the President
717.213.5020 Phone
717.232.5184 Fax
hwallace [at] hbgrc [dot] org

Chamber Operations

Kara Luzik Canale

Vice President
(717) 213-5030 Phone
(717) 232-5184 Fax
kara [at] hbgrc [dot] org

Lindsey Holtzman

Director of Events Marketing
717.213.5044 Phone
717.232.5184 Fax
lholtzman [at] hbgrc [dot] org

Justin Roth

Marketing & Communications Manager
(717) 213-5045 Phone
(717) 232-5184 Fax
jroth [at] hbgrc [dot] org

Taylour Trostle

Government Relations Manager
717.213.5041 Phone
717.232.5184 Fax
ttrostle [at] hbgrc [dot] org

Jon Musser

Membership Services Manager
(717) 213-5047 Phone
(717) 232-5184 Fax
jmusser [at] hbgrc [dot] org

Economic Development (CREDC)

Melissa N. Stone

Vice President of Economic Development
(717) 213-5042 Phone
(717) 232-5184 Fax
melissa [at] hbgrc [dot] org

Shaun Donovan

Director of Regional Workforce Partnerships
717.213.5033 Phone
717.232.5184 Fax
sdonovan [at] hbgrc [dot] org

Paul Van Winkle

Finance Specialist
717.213.5036 Phone
717.232.5184 Fax
paulv [at] hbgrc [dot] org

Tyler Good

Economic Development Specialist
(717) 213-5053 Phone
(717) 232-5184 Fax
tgood [at] hbgrc [dot] org

Alex S. Quigley

Facilities Manager, TechCelerator@Carlisle
(717) 249-2356 Phone
(717) 249-5444 Fax
aquigley [at] techcarlisle [dot] com


Scott A. Rogers

Director of Finance
(717) 213-5039 Phone
(717) 232-5184 Fax
srogers [at] hbgrc [dot] org

Susan Hunter

Accounting Assistant
(717) 213-5021 Phone
(717) 232-5184 Fax
shunter [at] hbgrc [dot] org