Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the Chamber & CREDC funded?

The Chamber & CREDC is a regional, not-for-profit organization. The Chamber & CREDC is not a department of local government or state funded.

2. What are the Chamber & CREDC’s hours of operation?

The Chamber & CREDC Offices are open 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m., Monday through Friday. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the Chamber & CREDC offices will have summer hours and close at 4:00 pm.

3. Does the Chamber & CREDC primarily serve the need of big business?

Many people are surprised to learn that 80% of all Chamber & CREDC members are small businesses with 20 or fewer employees. We do all we can to make sure to meet the needs of mid to large size companies, small businesses and the budding entrepreneur.

4. How much does it cost to join the Harrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC?

The Chamber & CREDC offers a tiered membership program that provides regional businesses and organizations, whether they are big or small, the appropriate level of benefits and the right amount of engagement to suit their needs. For more information regarding our Tiered Membership program, please click here or call (717) 232-4099.

5. My company is a member of the Chamber & CREDC; does that make me a member?

Yes! When your company joins the Harrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC, all employees within that organization become Chamber & CREDC members. Any employee may take advantage of the programs, events and benefits.

6. I would like to let my customers and clients know I am a member of the Chamber & CREDC. Can I use the Chamber & CREDC’s logo on my website?

You are encouraged to show the pride you have in your membership by using the Chamber & CREDC’s Proud Member Logo on your website. Please click here  to download the logo and be sure to link the logo to:

7. When is payment required for event registrations?

Payment is due for all event registrations prior to or on the day of the event. Single ticket registrations must be paid for by credit card (Visa, MC, Discover, or AMEX), check or cash. The Chamber & CREDC cannot invoice you or your business for single ticket registrations. Event sponsorships or table purchases can be invoiced.

Contact the Chamber & CREDC at 717.232.4099 to cancel an event registration. Due to venue guarantees, the Chamber & CREDC will expect payment in full for an event if registration is cancelled within 72 hours of the event.

8. How do I submit press releases to the Chamber & CREDC?

As a member of the Chamber & CREDC, you are able to post news releases on your own via the Chamber & CREDC website. Simply follow this link: Once the information is submitted and approved, the news release will appear under the Member News page.

9. Have a question we didn’t answer here?

Email or call 717.232.4099