Dauphin County Commissioners award $17 million in COVID-19 recovery grants to municipalities, small businesses and nonprofits

Dauphin County Commissioners Jeff Haste, Mike Pries and George P. Hartwick, III today awarded a total of $17 million in grants to municipalities, businesses and nonprofits that applied for help with coronavirus-related expenses through the county’s COVID-19 Recovery Grant Program. Funding for the grants is part of the $25.1 million in federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act money the county received from the state earlier this year.

The grant funding was allocated as follows: $11,768,107 for 20 municipalities, $3,977,266 for 190 small businesses, $1,066,411 for 57 nonprofits and $150,000 for the regional tourism industry. The county is maintaining about $7.5 million of the CARES funding for technology equipment and upgrades, as well as other COVID-19-related costs.

“This critical funding will help lessen the financial burden and keep the doors of many businesses and nonprofits open,” said Pries, who oversees the county’s Office of Community and Economic Development (DCED), which administers the grant program. “It will also help local governments with the unanticipated costs associated with coronavirus, from purchasing personal protective equipment and technology for remote work to covering police and first responders’ salaries.”

A population-based formula was applied when determining grant allocations for municipalities.

Businesses located in the county with less than 100 employees – or companies in the tourism industry with less than 500 workers – were eligible to apply for up to $35,000, or 25 percent, of operating expenses, whichever was less. Nonprofits were eligible if they delivered services in the county. Although businesses and nonprofits that received a Paycheck Protection Program or Economic Injury Disaster loan could still apply, the amount of funding previously received was considered in awarding grants.

“The small business community, the backbone of our economy, has sustained a massive blow in recent months,” said Haste. “Restaurants, hotels, salons and other small businesses have been hit hard by state’s shutdown and continued restrictions, leaving many struggling to recover.”

The COVID-19 Recovery Grant Program was made available through an online application process and administered by the county’s Department of Community and Economic Development. The Harrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC, and Susquehanna Accounting and Consulting Solutions acted as independent third-party underwriters for the small business and nonprofit grant applications.

“Making payroll and monthly bills has been a struggle for many business owners and nonprofit leaders,” said Hartwick. “This grant funding will help ease the burden, save local jobs and get business back on track during this unprecedented time.”

To help with restoring the regional economy, the commissioners also awarded $10,000 and $20,000 grants to more than 70 businesses throughout the county in May and June as part of a separate program funded by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The COVID-19 Recovery Grant Program awards are as follows:

City of Harrisburg$2,831,271.50
Conewago Township$856.57
Derry Township$1,450,889.45
East Hanover Township$4,586.51
Elizabethville Borough$9,000.00
Halifax Borough$59,487.50
Highspire Borough$23,118.85
Hummelstown Borough$260,768.20
Londonderry Township$51,203.09
Lower Paxton Township$2,609,043.00
Lower Swatara Township$512,687.06
Middle Paxton Township$3,585.28
Middletown Borough$551,302.36
Millersburg Borough$114,828.41
Penbrook Borough$172,849.44
Royalton Borough$52,725.00
South Hanover Township$2,463.92
Steelton Borough$342,595.86
Susquehanna Township$1,273,609.10
Swatara Township$1,441,235.62
*Municipal grant agreements approved in separate board action total this amount. 
Visit Hershey Harrisburg$150,000.00
110 West, LLC                 3,535.82
1400 N 3rd Enterprises Inc.               10,177.48
2012 Harrisburg Investment, LLC DBA Hilton Harrisburg               32,000.00
2nd Street Ventures LP dba Arooga’s Draft House & Sports Bar               32,000.00
44 Hummelstown Associates LLC               32,000.00
6791 Enterprises Inc               32,000.00
7510 Inc (DBA Skyline Family Restaurant)               28,517.91
ABCJ LLC Café Fresco               32,000.00
Active Medical, Inc.               32,000.00
Advanced Nutritional Supplements LLC               13,584.74
Alchemy Salon ltd                 3,647.68
All NK Hershey LLC               32,000.00
All-American Supplyhouse, Inc.                 4,436.24
Alphabet Express Inc               32,000.00
ALVARO BREAD AND PASTRY SHOPP               11,330.00
Anderson Audio               32,000.00
Appalachian Brewing Company, Inc.               32,000.00
Aquatic Facility Design, Inc.               21,901.60
Areya Management LLC                    343.20
Arooga’s Franchising LP               32,000.00
Artsy Nails LLC               24,240.75
Athans Inc               32,000.00
Au Bon Lieu of Harrisburg, LLC                 2,899.68
Automatic Bowling Centre, Inc.               32,000.00
Barbara A Beleski Incorporation               20,536.10
Be Encouraged Barbershop                 4,635.50
Bella Sera Boutique, Inc.                 1,518.00
BENNETT LAND DEVELOPMENT               12,420.00
Big Ming Inc               32,000.00
Bill Maloney Men’s Wear Inc               22,918.25
Bill’s Restaurant                 4,891.06
BOYER SWIMMING POOLS, INC               18,461.70
Brian Ray Mummau Carpentry Inc.                    622.50
Brisenas,  Inc. (DBA Roxy’s Cafe)               23,303.11
Bruce Larson Racing/Stoney Creek Barn                 3,740.50
Captain Jacks Snacks LLC               32,000.00
CD Medical/Wellness LLC               21,073.00
Celestino Pizzeria LLC (DBA Gabriel’s Pizza)                 7,138.00
Central Penn Buy and Sell               32,000.00
CH Wilmington LLC               32,000.00
CHIGGY Enterprises, Inc.               32,000.00
CHRS HOLLOWAY                 2,140.75
City House BB               22,115.75
Colonial Dollar               11,379.50
Color Bar Beauty Salon Inc.                 4,905.50
Crave and Co., LLC/ DBA The Vegetable Hunter               14,689.82
Crawdaddys Restaurant  Crawdaddys 306 LLC.               32,000.00
Cristina’s Home & More Cleaning                 9,322.25
Crystal Clear Window Cleaning                    296.61
Cue-nique Inc               15,888.43
D & K Auto Body Shop & Sales                 3,724.75
DDR Media, LLC                 4,565.93
DevChand Hospitality Inc               32,000.00
DG Angelopoulos Inc (DBA – Four Aces)                 5,234.60
Dhara Investment LLC               32,000.00
DIDANA INC               32,000.00
DIGGS MEDIA                 7,133.25
Dinnah Mitro PT                 2,844.00
District 1014, LLC               30,360.00
Doctor Roof Roofing                 2,957.50
DSIA BARAL JEWELERS LLC               13,190.09
East Financial Services                 2,213.00
Edward O Swartz and Associates Inc.               32,000.00
Eisenhower Inc.               32,000.00
El Saidy (Pan Tree Restaurant)               17,355.50
EROBERTSLLC DBA I AM THAT I AM               32,000.00
Escape Room Hershey               32,000.00
Evanilla LLC                 5,233.00
F&M Designs, Inc.               32,000.00
FEJ Inc (DBA – Uptown Cafe/Grill)               12,579.52
FH East LLC (Grill 22)               32,000.00
Fit 4 Ever 365                    940.00
Fresa Bistro LLC               32,000.00
Fresco CC, LLC               32,000.00
Get Air Management               32,000.00
Get The Picture Corporation               25,546.84
Global Development Goup                 4,106.25
God Chocolate, LLC               32,000.00
GPS SOLUTIONS, LLC               14,800.00
Harrisburg Golf Simulator               16,692.25
Harrisburg Improv Theatre LLC                 5,971.25
Harrisburg Millworks LLC               32,000.00
Harrisburg Senators               32,000.00
Hershey Dental Associates               32,000.00
Hollys Embroidery                 3,987.85
Hospitality Partners 1, LLC               32,000.00
Hotel Hale, Inc. t/a: Wooden Nickel Restaurant               24,386.99
Howard Johnson Hershey               32,000.00
IK Second St Associates, LLC               32,000.00
Indiju 2 Dental PC    DBA: Williams Valley Dental               32,000.00
Indiju Dental      DBA: East Chocolate Dental               32,000.00
Invica, LLC                 7,110.95
JDR3 Associates LLC dba Eco-Green Drycleaners               25,682.05
JL Garcia Inc d/b/a/ El Sol Mexican Restaurant               32,000.00
Jones’ Corner, Inc               14,156.00
Kane Hospitality LLC               32,000.00
Karen’s Catering, LLC               32,000.00
Kenbar Associates, LLC               32,000.00
Kindness Counts Learning Center, LLC                 7,198.00
Knead Broad Street, LLC               21,015.17
Knock Knock, Inc.               32,000.00
Koffi Suites Factory               32,000.00
L & S auto carriers LLC                 8,610.50
LA NAILS HARRISBURG INC               27,114.00
Latino Connection LLC               17,596.00
Law Office of Kathryn Waters                 8,866.00
Layne Enterprises, Inc               32,000.00
Let’s Pretend                 7,621.00
Linglestown Eagle Hotel (DBA – Eagle Hotel)               26,290.68
Linglestown Hospitality Associates LLC               32,000.00
Los Tres Cubanos Inc               21,919.00
LRSS LLC               13,213.25
M&H, LLC                 9,724.00
M&Sons LLC               13,302.00
M.L.G. Enterprises, Inc.               32,000.00
Maa Annapurna LLC               32,000.00
Mangia 743 LLC               31,763.48
Mangia Qui, Inc.               32,000.00
Market on Market               32,000.00
Melodys Music LLC platinum skillz recording                 1,650.00
Messner Publications, INc.                 7,758.50
Mitra Production Aesthetics, LLC                 2,135.50
MJR Equipment Inc.               32,000.00
Morris Jr LLC               13,200.00
Mountain Laurel Catering & Events               32,000.00
Mr Gs Place               32,000.00
Murray Associates Architects, P. C.               32,000.00
Neapoli LLC (DBA The Roadhouse Cafe)               20,971.53
Newman home improvements                 4,100.00
Nguyen’s Apartments                 4,167.00
NūBorn Skin                    669.45
OK Cafe Inc. (DBA – Jazzland)                 9,996.64
Onabella, Ltd               32,000.00
PAC Entertainment, Inc.               32,000.00
Paper Moon Flowers and Events               12,150.00
Perry Media Group LLC               21,434.00
Phillis Enterprises, Inc. dba B.R.P. Entertainment               29,275.00
PHIST Martial Arts                 7,997.79
Platinum Health & Fitness Club LLC               32,000.00
Princess Nails                 6,628.00
Progress Grill Inc               32,000.00
Ptosh, Inc.               18,906.94
Purcell Krug & Haller               32,000.00
Reliable Backline, LLC               32,000.00
Richelle Leigh Collection                 4,841.66
Roach transportation llc                 7,400.00
SaltEfx Therapy, LLC               13,886.09
Santanna Banana Co               32,000.00
Schenks’ Pastry & Ice Cream Shoppe LLC  t/a Schenk’s Bakery               20,042.07
SHREE NAND LLC  dba Travelodge               32,000.00
Silvers Family Dental Care               32,000.00
Simply Turkey and More               32,000.00
Skocik Chiropractic, PC               32,000.00
Sonia Management Inc-               32,000.00
Soul Burrito, LLC               22,244.08
Sports City Athletics, LLC               27,661.75
Staybridge Suites Harrisburg, Inc.               32,000.00
Steeltonhair                 7,740.00
Stock’s on Second, Inc.               32,000.00
studio441 hair design                 4,516.75
Suites at Stocks, Inc.                 8,354.90
Suleshwari Maa LLC               32,000.00
Sunny Days LLC               10,454.85
SUNRISE MOTOR INN LLC               32,000.00
Super 8               32,000.00
Szeles Real Estate Development Co, LP               26,000.00
Tecport Hospitality LLC               32,000.00
The Inn at Westwynd Farm, Inc.               32,000.00
The Midtown Tavern               32,000.00
The Sentinel Group, Inc.                 1,943.47
The Shear Edge                 3,165.25
The Vineyard at Hershey               32,000.00
Three Brothers Trattoria LLC               32,000.00
Todd Presswork Corporation               19,145.50
Tom Sawyer Harrisburg, LLC               32,000.00
Travel Champs, Inc.               32,000.00
Triple Diamond Inc               32,000.00
Ud Mulligans, LLC               32,000.00
unforgettable images unisex salon                 4,999.50
UPPER ECHELON TRUCKING LLC               17,900.00
Uptown Family Dentistry               32,000.00
Urban Churn LLC               13,059.25
Urban Snob LLC                 1,818.00
VLC Group LLC               22,970.93
Waterford Ventures dba Arooga’s Grille House & Sports Bar               23,921.55
What If Of Hershey Inc               27,879.09
Wildwoods Inn Hershey Road               11,925.45
World Flooring Inc. (DBA – World Flooring)                 6,325.48
worrelllogisticsllc                 8,414.00
AACA Museum, Inc.               32,000.00
African American Chamber of Commerce of Central PA                 4,600.00
Art Association of Harrisburg                 6,760.00
Beacon Clinic for Health and Hope               15,833.00
Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region, Inc.               31,079.00
Boys & Girls Club of Harrisburg               32,000.00
Camp Hebron, Inc.               32,000.00
Capital Area Soccer Association               18,863.00
Capital Area Therapeutic Riding Association               11,769.00
Central Pennsylvania Blood Bank               32,000.00
Central Pennsylvania Friends of Jazz                 5,378.00
Chinese Cultural & Arts Institute               19,953.75
Christian Recovery Aftercare Ministry, Inc.               32,000.00
CONTACT Helpline               27,157.50
Dauphin County CASA                    253.00
Dauphin County Library System               32,000.00
GAMUT THEATRE GROUP, INC.               32,000.00
Goodwin Memorial Baptist Church               19,480.00
Gratz Agricultural and Horticultural Association               14,417.00
Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Harrisburg Area               29,467.00
Harrisburg Area Riverboat Society               25,839.00
Harrisburg Area YMCA               32,000.00
Harrisburg Bible Forum Inc.               32,000.00
Harrisburg Symphony Association, Inc.               32,000.00
Historic Harrisburg Association, In.                 7,294.00
Historical Society of Dauphin County                 8,865.00
Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg               32,000.00
Joshua Group               32,000.00
Left Out Organization Program (LOOP)                    630.00
Linglestown Baseball Association                 2,011.00
Lower Dauphin Communities That Care                    300.00
Lykens Valley Children’s Museum                 2,518.00
Market Square Concerts                    876.00
Middletown Public Library                 8,675.00
Middletown Youth Club                 1,635.00
Millersburg Area Art Association, Inc.                    107.00
Millersburg Ferry Boat Association                 1,950.00
Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art               32,000.00
Northern Dauphin Christian School               30,376.00
Open Stage of Harrisburg               28,192.00
Pennsylvania DUI Association Inc               32,000.00
Pennsylvania Head Start Association               21,214.00
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Pennsylvania               32,000.00
Shades of Greatness, Inc.                 3,162.00
Shalom House               13,394.00
Someone To Tell It To, Inc.                      36.00
Sound Community Solutions, Inc               32,000.00
St Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church               17,552.00
Stop the Violence Ministry                 4,127.00
The American Literacy Corporation                    200.00
The Julian Dorsey Foundation                 1,842.00
The National Civil War Museum               32,000.00
The Nativity School of Harrisburg               32,000.00
The Program, “It’s About Change”               28,300.00
The Rabbi David L. Silver Yeshiva Academy of Harrisburg               32,000.00
Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts               32,000.00