Conrad Siegel’s Your Retirement Bridge Program Wins National Pensions & Investments Award

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Conrad Siegel’s Your Retirement Bridge Program Wins National Pensions & Investments Award

Firm Recognized for Ongoing Investment Education Efforts at Annual Defined Contribution Conference

Harrisburg, PA – March 20, 2018 – Conrad Siegel, delivering comprehensive employee benefit and investment advisory services, was recently recognized for its Your Retirement Bridge program at the annual Pensions & Investments Eddy Awards, taking home the top award in the Ongoing Investment Education category.

Pensions & Investments, an international money management and business magazine, hosts its annual East Coast Defined Contribution Conference to discuss and celebrate innovation across the industry. A highlight of the conference, the Eddy Awards recognize plan sponsors and service providers who are leading the way in providing investment education to defined contribution plan participants.

Conrad Siegel was one of this year’s winners, recognized for its retirement planning resource Your Retirement Bridge. Your Retirement Bridge is an online tracking tool that provides plan participants with an easy, accessible way to view the status of their retirement savings and identify clear next steps to reach their retirement goals.

To access Your Retirement Bridge, individuals log into their online retirement accounts and are directed to a landing page where an image of a bridge occupies a majority of the screen. On one side of the bridge, there are corporate office buildings and on the other side, there are beach chairs, representing the promise of retirement. The goal is to build the bridge to completion.

In addition to the current retirement plan balance, three factors influence the completion of the bridge – current contribution rate, expected retirement age and outside investments. Once logged into Your Retirement Bridge, individuals can adjust these factors to track their progress and explore different paths to retirement.

Your Retirement Bridge is a concept we developed in response to a direct gap we saw in retirement readiness and we’re thrilled that it’s proved to be a useful tool for so many people,” said Tara Mashack-Behney, president of Conrad Siegel’s investment advisory division. “Too often, retirement tracking tools reflect the complex nature of retirement plans.”

The Eddy Awards feature seven different categories, including Ongoing Investment Education, Retirement Health-Care Savings, Plan Transitions and Conversions and 403(b) Consolidations. Plan sponsors and service providers are evaluated based on program goals, utility, accessibility and success.

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