Conrad Siegel Investment Advisors Named to Pension and Investments’ International Largest Investment Consultants List

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Conrad Siegel Investment Advisors Named to Pensions and Investments’ International Largest Investment Consultants List

Mid-Atlantic Investment Advisory Firm Recognized as the 87th Largest Investment Consultant for Worldwide Institutional Assets Under Advisement

Harrisburg, PA – Conrad Siegel Investment Advisors, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Conrad Siegel Actuaries, has been recognized on Pensions and Investments’ 2016 list of largest investment consultants. Conrad Siegel Investment Advisors was ranked the 87th largest investment consultant among a prestigious group of industry leaders.

Pensions and Investments, an international trade magazine on money management and business, annually ranks 100 investment consultants by worldwide institutional assets under advisement.

Conrad Siegel Investment Advisors currently manages over $3.5 billion in assets, and continues to see significant growth, building its base of individual and corporate clients. To keep up with its growing client base and better serve clients across the Mid-Atlantic, the firm recently launched a satellite office in Lancaster, Pa.

“To be recognized on an international level by a leading industry publication is a testament to the expertise of our advisors and their commitment to our clients,” said Tara Mashack-Behney, President and Partner at Conrad Siegel Investment Advisors. “This designation by Pensions and Investments elevates our status as a national competitor, and reflects the forward-thinking strategies from our team to provide thoughtful and efficient advice to help clients achieve their investment and retirement goals.”

Pensions and Investments compiled its largest investment consultant list based on information submitted from individual companies. The list was published in the Nov. 28 edition of the Pensions and Investments. For the full report, please visit

Previously, Conrad Siegel Investment Advisors has been recognized by Financial Planning magazine, Financial Advisor Magazine and the Central Penn Business Journal as a top investment firm.

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About Conrad Siegel Investment Advisors, Inc.

Conrad Siegel Investment Advisors, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Conrad Siegel Actuaries, one of the largest and most respected employee benefit firms in the mid-Atlantic region and the recipient of the 2015 Best-in-Retirement-Business IMPACT Award by Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Conrad Siegel Investment Advisors, Inc. provides independent investment advisory services to retirement plans and high net worth individuals.  They are independent, therefore, allowing them to avoid many conflicts of interest and make recommendations in their clients’ best interests.  For more information, please visit

Conrad Siegel Actuaries and its employees are independent of and are not employees or agents of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (“Schwab”). Schwab does not prepare, verify or endorse information distributed by Conrad Siegel Actuaries. Neither the Best-in-Retirement Business IMPACT Award™, part of Schwab’s IMPACT Awards® program, nor the Pension and Investments’ 2016 designation are endorsements, testimonial endorsements, recommendations or referrals to Conrad Siegel Actuaries with respect to its investment advisory and other services. The Pension and Investments’ 2016 list of largest investment consultants is based upon self-reported assets under advisement, which includes but is not limited to regulatory assets under management.

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