Conrad Siegel Actuaries to Present at 22nd Annual Multi-State ESOP Conference

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Trevor Bare, FSA and Janel Leymeister, ERPA, CEBS with Conrad Siegel Actuaries, delivering comprehensive employee benefits services, will present at the ESOP Association’s 22nd Annual Multi-State Conference. Bare, a Consulting Actuary, and Leymeister, a Partner and Benefit Consultant, will share insight into the communication challenges and technical aspects of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) for employers.

Bare’s presentation, titled “Viewing Your ESOP as a Retirement Benefit” will explore how ESOPs act as employee retirement plans and how to ensure employees value this benefit. Along with other presenters on the panel, Bare will provide examples and tools for exploring the retirement plan side of ESOPs. He will answer questions such as how much retirement income an ESOP may generate and how to illustrate the impact of a faster growing share price to employees. Bare’s presentation will take place on Sept. 15 at 9:30 a.m.

“ESOPs can be an ideal solution for a lot of business owners. They can be an extremely successful business succession strategy, as well as a long-term employee benefit,” said Leymeister. “As more business owners turn to ESOPs, they have a lot of questions about how these plans work, the specific benefit to employees and how to get started. The Multi-State Conference allows business owners to get a comprehensive overview of ESOPs, their benefits and how to handle challenges.”

Leymeister will present alongside Lori Stuart of Crowe Horwath and Lian Gravelle of ESOP Plus to discuss “Creative Solutions to Potentially Messy Problems”. They will cover technical issues that pertain to ESOPs and how to address them, such as the IRC 409(p) limitation for S Corp ESOPs, solutions to avoid exceeding the IRC 415 limitation, and options to address the “have/have not” problem. Leymeister’s presentation will take place on Sept. 15 at 11 a.m.

At Conrad Siegel Actuaries, Bare and Leymeister specialize in providing consulting for all types of defined contribution retirement plans including 401(k) plans, ESOPs, and profit sharing plans and work with private sector employers and tax-exempt organizations.

The Multi-State ESOP Conference will be held Sept. 13-15 for the Pennsylvania/Delaware and New York/New Jersey chapters of the ESOP Association. For more information on the ESOP Association and Multi-State ESOP Conference, please visit

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